dislike for Oddessey pedals

About 4 or 5 months ago i bought a KH 24 which came with oddessey pedals. After riding 2 months or so on it, the spikes on the pedals wore out and i was slipping off the pedals all the time and couldn’t control the uni beneath me. My 2 friends have 07 KH 24’s which came with Snafu pedals. Their unis are older than mine and have done more miles than mine, and the spikes on their Snafu’s are in top condition.
I have been riding on Snafu’s for 2 weeks, after buying snafu’s, and they are great. Plus judging by the wear of my friends spikes on their snafu pedals, i will get many more miles on the snafu’s, than the Oddessey’s.

Should have got some nice replacement pins. Why do people go out any buy all new pedals when the studs get low? Beats me. Most pedals are fine, body wise, some just come with small pins like the jc’s, but they give you long ones don’t they? Jc’s are a bmx pedal so they don’t need astronomical grip, I’m pretty sure you can get replacement pins form danscomp.com, I’m not sure what size they will be or if they work good for trials. Also, were you pedals grabbing on both sides with pins? That will rip them out, ruin the threads and and mess up any pedals grip. Take the pins out of one side and only ride the other.

So really you dislike ody pins. The pedal bodies are fine and spindals?

I am with Shodan here. Hate the Jim c’s Just dont feel right with me along with my CC even though this is my first uni I know I want to change it. I am thinking Wellgo MG-1s or Snafu’s depending on wellgos strength for pedal grabs most likely go for them.

I realise you can change the pins, but my point was that she snafu’s last way longer than the oddessey. Stuffed if i want to change pins every 2 months, when i can by lovely snafu’s that the pins last ages.
I muni mostly so i need spikes both sides of pedal to be long and durable.

What he was trying to say was that you can get longer, better pins for the JCs which last just as long as the snafus.

Brians got the idea. Also why the heck do you need pins on both sides for muni? Most pedals feel pretty similar when the pins are out. They is no reason to spend anywhere from 30-100 and up ever time the pins wear down. Replacement pins cost like 2-5$, and you can probably get them from your lbs. It’s your choise if you just like new pedals though. Can I have your old ones?

Also mg-1 pedals bodies will be weaker than your jc’s and snafu’s, if your going to leave the pins in on both sides don’t get a mag pedal for trials. The pisn will tear out and leave the body messed up, not reparable. It could also weaken the body and lead to premature pedal death/ cracks.

Edit: Just wanted to add jc’s are great and are a very popular pedal. Kh also wouldn’t ship any crap pedal he could find with his unicycles. Your shoes make a huge difference, with my vans I can do trials with reg. alu ody/ ody pc’s with extreme confidence while with my orchids I’m very worries whether I’ll slip or not. Shoes with vulcanized waffle/ grid tread hold extremely well so if your going to a trials shoes look for that, I used to ride jc’s with vanz old school sk8’s, the vanz tnt mid are also a good trials shoe.

Absolutely… I bought a pair of 5.10 shoes and it made ALL the difference. Pedals I tought had wore out pins now seem new.

Beat me to the question.:frowning: I would also reccomend shoes with waffle grip.

I would look for Etnies with their newish BMX tread design (specifically for pedals) rather than waffle treaded vans.

Eh, I think vanz might work better, a good number of bike trialers use old school sk8’s. For bmx you don’t really need fantastic grip, at least not as much as you would with uni trials/ muni.

I agree with the above statements about shoes. My DC’s have a grip that looks akin to pills that are cut in half but have the same effects a waffle grip does.

What the hell is going on??? Snafus are the worst pedals I have ever rode with. Even for trials I rather ride with oddessey twisted plastics than snafus. They are bareble for muni but there are far better, grippier and light pedals out there Im riding these and they are so grippy, there strong and they way bout 500g. They beat snafus hands down, no comparison.

yeah the pins on the JC’s come out really easy but they come with replacements

I have had both and the Snufu (that isn’t how you spell it?) do last a bit longer i personally like odyssey though.

Snafus arnt even that grippy at the best of time and then after only a short time the non-replacable aluminium pins get smoothed off and the thin replaceable pins snap off. Sure you can buy new pins but the thread normaly get chewed when you remove the old pin or when they get punched out.

I agree with the first post, not for the same reasons.

I have tried Odyssey pedals (twisted plastic, and twisted metal ones) and I have had bad experiences with both. I have had no issues with both of my Snafus, the only downside is that they are a little heavy.

I mainly ride distance and XC, not trials/street. The next pedal I am looking at trying out on the road are the MG-1s

I just got a set of pins for my Odysseys for $1

i don’t like the lack of grip with the odessys. i didn’t have too much of a strength issue with them but they just have no grip and they are HEAVY.

Kona jackshits are nice bro. Love them for trials.

Hahaha does anyone else know what snafu means In the british military?..:smiley:

Situation Normal, All F**ked Up:D