Disks & Cranks

I am cleaning out my garage and wanted to clear out some items I am no longer using. These are Mountain Uni disks and the corresponding Sinz ISIS crank sets to run disk brakes on your unicycles. This system was the first good disk brake available for unicycles, and I set them up on several unicycles. Since that time I have gradually upgraded to inboard and KH disk brakes. The cranks are all in good shape, and some of them have not been used. The two disks are OK, but have been mashed into alignment by a hack (myself) and really need to be aligned properly by someone who knows what they are doing or are more patient than myself. Here is what I have available:

Mountain Uni Disk (180 mm?) with the five mounting bolts and 4 spacer washers for each hole. (2 sets)

Sinz ISIS cranks sets in the following sizes:

115 mm
135 mm
145 mm
155 mm
165 mm

The 115 mm were manufactured by myself from longer cranks and have gotten the most use, U had them on my 36" for several years.

For prices, let me suggest $35 per crank set and $30 for each disk and mounting hardware set. I am open to offers. Shipping paid by buyer, and Paypal is fine.

Pictures show one disk, one standard crank set and the 115 mm crank set.




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