Disgusting. Motorbike pretender.

How would you react if you saw someone wearing this

I had seen that there before - i first opened it and was pumped to buy it until i saw what it actually was…
Bloody idiots:(

If i saw someone wearing that, i’d scratch my head wondering why the thing has 2 wheels for. :thinking:

I’m a motorcyclist, and I’d think they were a tosser.

What is more difficult to learn: to do a wheelie for 50m on a motorbike or ride a uni for 50m?

The question is: What takes more guts:D

the giraffe

Am I missing something? I would soo buy that shirt If it wasnt in australia… :thinking:


This is what you’re missing.

No what defines a unicyle??? and wtf

Some good one-wheeled motorcycle riders:
I left in that initial one because it’s cool though not on one wheel.

now, that’s a uniCycle!!!

You realise that is only a concept for now. :smiley:


Good, cause i want one now. :smiley: