hey my names justin and i think that its stupid for ppl to say hey theres a clown and make the circus song if you feel the same way e mail me back @ justin_kozy@hotmail.com

Yeah I get the circus music alot too. Its kinda annoing but I take it with a grain of salt now and just tell them to f@#$ off (see I’ve learned :slight_smile: ) Nah I dont really do that I just ride by and let the dozens of other positive comments I get when I walk by replace them in my head.

I find it kinda cool in the brief time I have ridden I seemed to have earned alot of respect from the cyclist of my area.

Great comment and thought, Chex. We had a garage sale yesterday and of course we had our uni’s out and several of the neighborhood kids riding around. Got a similar comment from a lady when, after seeing all the unicycles laying in the driveway, wondered if “a clown lived here”. Gave me an opporunity to talk with her about the club and what we were about.

We are getting a lot of respect and recognition from the community now as well. The townfolk are getting used to seeing unicycles around town. We’ve been in the paper many times, ridden in parades and performances for two summers, and have held our practices in the public square. Folks are still amazed at seeing someone ride a unicycle and it’s a lot of fun to share the skill with observers.


Re: disgusted

They’re just hoping you are actualy entertaining and not just self abosorbed; you can cure them of this by showing off your Strong Kung-Fu- then putting your cloths back on and spread Marmite on their open wounds. Never let the memmory of the injustice they have done you die- pick at the festering scab of your injured psyche until it bleeds volitle poetry:

Enter O’Gladiator
Winter-white face shining


Ya know, I heard a rumor that Marmite was used as a kind of “natural” chemical weapon during the Falklands war…