Discovered a local unicyclist with KH 08! Doing Trials!

Well I made a thread months and months ago about this guy I met on a 29" Nimbus.
My brother came home from cricket practice last night and said he saw my friend “Jeremy” hopping up stuff but then Jeremy said…No? That wasn’t me.
So Jeremy and I went to investigate so as we got the park we saw a man hopping on his KH 08, which was very interesting.

I shot him some questions, this time about on trials etc…He’s had it for 3 months and is almost as good as me at trials, heh heh. He was 28 years old, that made me realise that your never too old to do street or trials! Unless your like 95 years old or something…

Anyway Jeremy and I played a balance line game with him taking in turns and he won. It was fun and awesome and we should see him around more so yea…not too much too discuss… just pretty cool to ride with others =]

cmon where u ride lets ride ive got three others i ride with and then my two neighbors ride unis to i ride a nimbus 24 and i can almost glide 5 meters my mates ride kh20s i live near the city and some times we ride at mawson lakes and salisbury cmon lets ride mate any day im a go hard unicyclist email or reply to thread

Wow. That’s really ancient. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, maybe I should retire.

To old!

I learned to ride a Unicycle at the age of 35. I am mostly a MUni and Trials rider. Actually, in men many aspects of peak fitness and endurance peak in the early thirties, so 28 is still a kid!