Discord chat room for all unicyclists

Not sure if any unicyclists out there use discord, but I’ve made a server for unicyclists of all types.

Discord is a very well made and easy to use live chat room with an integrated voice chat available and different channels used to organize conversation.

After making an account and downloading the optional discord desktop app you can click this link to join the server:

Not sure if this will be successful at all but I thought I’d give it a go.

There, your thread is public now. I’ve left your other 2 as ‘moderated’ as they’re just repeats of this one.

Welcome to the forum. You should start a thread to introduce yourself, and tell people a bit about the style(s) of riding you do.

Thank you. Sorry for the confusion. I have already made an introduction thread also. I’ve been here for a little bit I’ve just been inactive.

Ah, I see your other threads now. They were a few years ago though! Have your uni skills improved since then? Which style(s) do you ride?

Yes! I have improved tremendously and gone to NAUCC once since then. I am an urban rider and I mainly do flatland and trials.

I’ve joined this Discord server, and I hope to see more and more people to discuss with!

Not seen this discussed for a while, but it’s still around and moderately active.

I’m always around for technical hardware discussions :slight_smile:


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