Disc Golf at Unicon 2006

Just wanted to let all you disc golf players out there that are going to Unicon that there is a course in Langenthal and I’ve setup a workshop for a best disc random team tournament. See below for more details! If you think you’re intetersted in playing, post here so I can get a feel for the number of people. Thanks!

Disc Golf Tournament (Random Teams-Best Disc)
Leader: Jamey Mossengren
Schedule: Day 4, Wednesday 26.07.2006 12:00 - 15:00
Type: Other
Time Requirement: 3 hours
Space: Langenthal school disc golf course (next to gym Hard that is close to the Stadium)
Description: This is disc (frisbee) golf! Everyone will be randomly drawn and paired up with someone. We then will play a best ‘disc’ tournament. The way this works is you play like normal golf except you use a disc (frisbee) instead of a golf ball and you throw at chain baskets instead of a hole. Both players throw and they take the spot of the dics that is closest to the basket and then they both throw from there and so on until they make it in the basket. You add up the number of throws it takes to get the disc into all 18 baskets and the lowest score wins! See http://www.discgolfassoc.com/games.html for more info on disc golf.
Who should attend: Anyone is welcome all you need to know is how to throw a frisbee.
Language: English
Maximum number of people: 20?
What to bring: Disc’s (frisbee’s) if you have them. Please bring extra for others to borrow. I’ll have about 10-15 extra’s for people to use.
About the leader: I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA. I’m part of the Twin Cities Unicycle Club and have been unicycling 16 years and playing disc golf for a little over a year. There are lots of disc golf courses in Minnesota and it’s I can’t get enough! This will be my 7th Unicon!
Special needs: I’ll have some extra discs but the more the better.
Comments: It’s a pretty laid back game and should be a good time. Be warned that you may get hooked because you might llke it so much. If some more serious players are interested in playing a singles tournament we can all talk and figure out a date and time.

Just want to tell you guys that other than unicycling, Disc Golf is my favorite favorite sport. It is SO fun. We are so lucky here to live a half hour from a world-class 27 hole course. Beau is the real pro of the family, but we’ll both be on hand to help Jamey run this workshop. We’ll bring some extra discs too. If you like frisbee, you’ll LOVE this.

Here are some photos of our first ever game of disc golf in Jan 2002. Back in those days we played on unicycle, but later decided walking is better. With David Poznanter: photos.


I love unicycles as golf karts


You’re not going to play disc golf without unis are you?. :thinking:

I’d love to finally get in a game of disc golf. I’ve never done it yet. As long as it doesn’t conflict with something I otherwise want or have to be doing…

Dani, there’s nothing wrong with playing on unicycle. We just found that constantly dismounting/remounting was a pain. Also, on our local course, there are sections that are unridable (mainly super steep uphills). Carrying all the discs on unicycle just turns out to be sort of a pain. It’s technical enough that you want gloves at least and probably a helmet, but you don’t want those when throwing. I think the course in Langenthal is much milder, so unicycles may work well there, without safety gear.

Here is a link to our local course: De Laveaga Disc Golf Course.

Here is a link to the course info for Langenthal (sorry it appears to be incomplete and old).


Mahalo Nathen

How you doing?

I did notice the shin guards in your disc golf pictures. And the tee shots looked like the top of mountains. I played a lot of frisbee golf before I started riding unis. So something new. We don’t have a golf coarse on Oahu(accept for balls).

I know you can make a coarse as you play from hole to hole, but I do love the chains.

My 1 and only time I used the uni as a Katty, I got in a round at Balboa Park disc golf coarse in San Diego last fall. I found it cool, but I wasn't playing for money.  There was a no bike sign.... that I saw later.