Disc (Frisbee) Golf at RTL

I know there are a bunch of Ride The Lobster threads, but I wanted to start a new one to tell people to bring some discs so we could maybe find some free time to make up a course somewhere and play a round or two. We might all be too tired to play but if it happens it happens! So if you like to play, bring a disc or two and we’ll see if we can find a day, place and time. Might even play a couple days if we have enough interest! Reply here if you are thinking of bringing some so we know who to contact if we play and also to see if there is enough interest (although you only need two guys to play a round).

See ya’ll in less than a week!!

Somehow I (almost) always seem to miss out on these disc golf events. I think the Centurions will be occupied with the eating and sleeping competitions. :smiley:

I’ll be bringing at least a lid (175gm ultimate disc) to play catch with, along with its many other uses. Unfortunately, the only basket course in Nova Scotia is in Amherst, NS, which is all the way in the NW corner, hours from any part of RTL.

As the Maestro said, though, the world is your disc golf course. Maybe play between awards and party on Saturday?

Maybe we can get some ultimate going then? I’ll bring a disk too.

Maybe, but I doubt I’m bringing my cleats.

i’d love to have a go if someone brings a spare…

According to http://pdga.org/course/courses_by_city.php?id=2991 there is only one course in Nova Scotia - and it’s not near the RTL course. But don’t worry, we never travel without at least a few discs!

Here’s a very recent article about the course: first in Nova Scotia: http://www.thechronicleherald.ca/ArtsLife/1059496.html


Who needs cleats, you’re bringing a unicycle!

True dat! Uni-ultimate on a 36er! I’ll make deep cuts!

Hello people,
I’m from NS and though I haven’t uni’ed or been invovled in a while, since RTL was coming up I figured I’d check out the forums again to see the buzz. I’m from Antigonish which is where the 4th stop for this uber-trek will be, I believe. Its true there is only one course in NS, in Amherst (though we just had a demo here and there may be one here (Antigonish) by the end of the summer).

However we do have a bunch of Ulty players who are usually always keen for a game. We generally meet once or twice a week with 10 to 15 guys sometimes up to 20 and just play a couple hours. Its pretty informal, usually barefoot, not overly competitive and just a solidly good time. I may be leaving for Alberta this week but if not I’d be down for getting a few guys out to play on the Thursday evening you folks are here, if you’re interested and assuming you are not too tired. Even still not many things are more relaxing then just tossing around. If I’m gone I’ll tell some other guys and get them to show up. It actually sounds like you guys will be landing for a welcome ceremony right at our field.

Also I’ll probably be bumming around (disc in hand) anyway. It’ll be cool to meet all of you guys. I was going to participate but it came down to school being too busy for me to train, and its in my backyard so I’ve always had a keen interest in this event.

If you guys have any questions about Antigonish (coloquially known as the Nish) or NS in general don’t hesitate to ask. There is indeed no better spot to be in the summer.

David Archibald

Frisbees and unicycles, wow. What a perfect combination.

Jamey, you are not allowed to do anything where you might risk spraining an ankle!!:smiley:

Where is the field? We’ll try to make it.

Hey! Quit jacking this thread with your “ultimate” whatever nonsense. :wink:

This is about disc golf. The only thing meant to catch a disc is a basket.

You guys with your running and jumping… what’s wrong with you? Why spoil a relaxing game of golf?

Yes Maestro8 you’re right. But remember LA Muni weekend '06? We managed a pretty fun game of disc golf with no baskets at all! Just bring a driver or two and a putter and we’ll have some fun somewhere in NS.


No problem Jim! I wouldn’t dare to play utlimate as it could result in an injury but I don’t think anyones ever been hurt playing disc golf? Well, maybe by getting smacked in the head by one…

BTW-I saw the doc today, took xrays and he said I’m good to go!!! Looks like I just barely made it to ride in this thing, talk about cutting it close!!!

It’s interesting when you see a “serious” disc golfer, with a bag full of discs - like 14 discs. Each disc has slightly different characteristics - different stability ratings. Yet there’s a such variability in the throw as to render slight differences in each disc moot. Sure, you might want one stable and one unstable driver, a putter, and maybe a midrange, but 14 discs?!?

From the point of view of an ultimate player (I’ve played it competitively for 25 years), we use one disc and the arm’s throwing motion is what you vary for different curves. I was carrying 6, 7, 8 discs around the links, but I realized I really only need 3 or 4. I still miss most of my putts :roll_eyes: , but I tee off as well as ever with just two drivers.

I’ve thought that too, but having never played - I don’t really know.

Anyway it says you guys will arrive here at 6 (though since its a race I imagine that’s more of a general estimate, and you’ll all be spread out). You stop right at the field we play at, Columbus, and though there might be something set up for you guys on the ‘field’ field, its in a park so there is plenty of space. I’m looking forward to this.

There is a lot of rumblings going on about this thing, in the paper and radio, and various posters etc. (RTL not frisbee). Best of luck to everyone.


About a dozen of us had a great game of disc golf at the Gaelic College the day after the race finished. No disc lost was a nice bonus, but playing in perfect sunny nice weather, everyone feeling great after the race was the best. Thanks to all of you who played.


Dang - I’m sorry I missed it.

Really? Then why do disc golf manufacturers produce dozens of models of discs? Why shouldn’t they just produce one driver, one midrange and one putter?

Discs have ratings for high-speed stability, low-speed stability, speed, glide / range, turn, fade and break-in period. Discs come in a range of weights and types of plastics. Discs react differently to varying wind conditions, different throwing styles (such as forehand, backhand, overhead, roller…), and different terrain.

Yes, throws can vary, but you make it seem as if its a fluke that a disc ever makes it near a basket. That is simply not the case. Many players have developed a very consistent throw that delivers deadly accuracy, and they do so by exploiting the characteristics of their chosen disc.