disc brakes on a uni

are there any unicycles that have disc brakes or a kit for doing that?

yeah I remember seeing one a few yearss back. I don’t know if there is still have have any like that.

Here’s a real good thread on unis with disc brakes, complete with links to other good threads:

dosent that lock your wheel ? and then youd bite the ground ?

no I don’t think so becuase that would be true for vehicles and mtn bikes

thats what it does on mtb bikes… but good point u got there

disk brakes are better than normal rim brakes. they are more percise and are not as affected by terrain as much as rim brakes. Roland from Municycle.com has one that a customer had built for him and it is amazing.:smiley: But the work of making one is the biggest question you need too have a machinist on the hand that is willing to help you. Because there is not alot of space between the frame and the hub and in that area is where u need to be. :astonished:

in theory disc brakes are likely to be bent on a unicycle… because when it falls it is much less controlled than a bike… especially in muni, on a distance unicycle ridden only on flat surfaces a disc brake would be the best thing.

You could always adjust it so when the lever is pulled all the way, it just be on the verge of locking up.

I disagree; the front disc on a bike is highly exposed as there’s nothing around it to protect it. It is the second frontmost part of the bike, behind the front of the wheel, and right at the front where it might get clipped by things if you’re riding a technical or narrow section, especially if you come a cropper.

On a muni the disc any objects that might damage the disc have to get past the pedals and cranks first, which is much less likely.


I didn’t take that into consideration

A Guard can always be made if you really want to ride a disc brake.

if it were to be made for a unicycle, a disk brake would have to be smaller, like previously stated. and the piece that brakes it could be smaller and less powerful, because unlike a bike, you don’t need as much stopping power because of inertia or something cause a bike has more weight and momentum that needs to stop. and it could be smaller to fit.

I would be more worried about stomping on it myself when I try stuff, rather than hitting it on things. I really don’t think that unicycle brakes are enough of a concern to bother wit disc brakes. Hydraulic rim brakes seem to be enough for what we do.