Disc Brake on 29 Nimbus Nimbus 36H ISIS Hub

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Sorry if there is a forum about this already.
I have a Nimbus 29 road unicycle with Nimbus 36H ISIS with a hardened CrMo splindle,100mm center bearing to center bearing. I saw a Magura MT -2 disc brake for 70 bucks at my local bike shop and was curious if it would fit my unicycle hub or if I had to but a new hub and Nimbus D brake mount.
I don’t think it would work unless I get a new hub but let me know what you think
Link to the uni on unicycle.com http://www.unicycle.com/nimbus-29-inch-road-unicycle.html
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Captain Scott

You don’t need to put in a new hub to use those, you can use Kris Holm spirit cranks which have a disk mount on them. You will also need a nimbus D-brake mount to go on the frame. Unfortunately the cranks will be quite expensive, over $100 but that’s still much easier than putting a different hub in your uni.

It might be an old photo on the site, but it shows Magura rim brake mounts already on the frame. So for the same $100 you could buy a set of Maggies and you’d be all set. (You would also need the brake mount for under the seat, but you’d need that in either case. And they’re only a few dollars.)
Just a suggestion.

Thanks guys for the help I guess I will not get them.
I will look into the Magura rim brake as i could also attach it to my Kris Holm T Bar.