disasembleing my black Stealth Torker Miyata seat.

im putting together a new unicycle today and while im waiting for UPS i decided to take apart my seat that came on my Torker Unistar.

for those that dont know its basicly a Miyata with a black cover and bumpers but i found another differance.

the stiffining plate is nearly twice as thick as any other (Japan or China made) Miyata seat i’ve ever used. hopefully this is a new trend.

there was no problem with tread lock,the bumpers came of easily.

So why are you taking it apart? Are you converting it to a Air Seat? If so what all are you using?

i just took it apart cause i’m bored waiting for my box of uni-crap to get here on the brown bus…

i also wanted to see if the Torker Miyatas suffered from the bolt spinning plauge that the regular Miyatas do,but it seems they dont.(or at least mine didnt)

someone else with a Stealth sould check and see if their’s can be taken apart too.hopfully all the black Miyata’s didnt get the super thread lock treatment.

Did it have any “U” shaped bolts or were they all straight bolts?

The “old” made in Japan Miyata seats used a “U” bolt and a straight bolt to hold on the handle and a “U” bolt to hold on the rear bumper. A “U” bolt will never spin on you.

The made in China Miyata seats use all straight bolts to hold on the bumpers.

Excellent John!!! You may have solved my problem with the spinning bolts in my KH Velo! Replace the straight bolts intended for the seat post with U-Bolts that will fit across the side by side holes. Maybe even find one with square corners or bend a long straight bolt that is threaded on both sides with a torch. Thanks for the incidental suggestion.


no U bolts like the great ol’Jap models. the bigger dif was the plate and how thick it was and it was easy to get apart.

im glad this thread helped you out Myo. i dont think any one has used U-style bolts for seat post mounting yet,only handles and bumpers.the other soloution i think would be T-nuts.


the ultimate T-nut looks cool too.


That spinning T-nut would make a cool avatar.