Dirty unicycle

Here is a photo of my dirty unicycle after riding my normal route
This was just after the rain the track was full of mude.
Realy fun to ride/slide in. :slight_smile:


woa… that thing is a mess! Looks like it would be a really fun trail.:slight_smile:

nice…muddy unicycles are the BEST.

nothing says hardcore like caked-on mud.

so beautiful… i want to lick off the mud on that beauty :roll_eyes: :wink:

I like uni’s best when they are totally clean…

Nah! There is something magical about coming home covered in mud with a unicycle absolutely filthy.

your MOMS the best!

Joel went out to QE Country Park today - he got muddy too…

I couldn’t ride because I have a <cough> bad knee <cough> :slight_smile:

Nice sweater "live to ride " :slight_smile: