'DIRTY UNI' Watch it you know you want to. its a street vid.

I already posted this in ‘aussie riders’ but if i wanna broaden my audience whooooop! have a blast trend setters.


whadja reckon? tell me ay.

Nice video, you have a really good style.

Cool video … :slight_smile:

wow man nice work, so where exactly in victoria are you from? cos you should totally come riding with us some time. im from near seymour, an hour or so north of melbourne. oh and nice hick and 180 flips :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers. i’m from mansfield youd know it, its not far from seymour, at the base of buller.

i liked it.

Nice video, very smooth style. :sunglasses:

awesome, yeah i was in bonnie doon last week with work, my auntie has a clothes shop in mansfield. :slight_smile: you so totally have to come and ride in melbourne man. it will be awesome. haha edit : i’ll pm you my msn address.

haha thats nuts i lived in doon for ages just recently moved into the thriving metropolis of mansfield. i will have come into melbourne for sure i’ve got some time off work over christmas and my bro lives down there. itll be mad

oh yeah everyone thanks for the comments.