Dirty Little Secrets of the Sunshine Coast

OK, fess up. Who is the unicyclist in the video clip here:
Dirty Little Secrets of the Sunshine Coast

The video is a bit blurry and interlaced so I can’t make out the face.

The video clip is a 7.74MB download.


Lately, I seem to be meeting a surprising number of mountain bikers around here who have taken up MUni and haven’t yet discovered the massive web community here. I even figured out that one of the summer students that I worked with last month dabbled in trials! It is a little trippy to be running into so many people in the past little while who are genuinely interested. I suppose that even high-end unicycles are ridiculously cheap compared to a massive downhill machine, so it is fairly low risk to lay down the cash for a unicycle if you are already a wheels addict. Unicycling is definitely becoming a legitimate sport to Vancouver bikers, no doubt due to Kris’ presence on the North Shore.

(Where the heck was I going with this? The rain deprivation is driving me to delirium…)


Glad to see the uni rider got first billing…