Dirtuni: a website for unicyclists.

My name is Eugene Cathcart.

I have created www.dirtuni.com.

There you can check out the frames I make, and some pictures of riding muni’s.

There is a place to blog (news page) and a place to rant (talk page).

Plus, we do weekly rides on Wednesday evenings at 6 at Drake Park, in Bend, Oregon.

As of yet there have been nearly 30 muni’s built. Splattered across the americas, there is likely one near you.

Got questions?

Feel free to write.

EugeneEugene Cathcart :slight_smile: :thinking:

hey Eugene!

I’ve heard about you.

You definitely make high-quality rides.

Keep up the good work!

hey Eugene!

I’ve heard about you.

You definitely make high-quality rides.

Keep up the good work!

hey this Jagur,i live in Salem.

i couldnt find one picture of your frames? did i miss somthing?

Wow, check out this pic.

I like this guys sense of fashion. I thought it was me for a second with the Surly shirt on.


How much does your 19" aluminum frame weigh?


Suggestion for your website to help you sell more product: less long-distance blurry shots of you riding the product, more (or even ONE) high-res close-up photo of the product itself with no legs getting in the way of seeing the frame and workmanship.

I disagree with your first comment. I kinda liked the impressionistic photos, clear navigation paths and lack of flash. It’s a classy site, which makes me believe the owners make classy stuff.

As for the second, DEAD SPOT ON! Where are the product photos? In keeping with the classy nature of the site an engineering drawing or two, with dimensions, would be nice. Shouldn’t take a competent draftsman more than an hour or two to produce if you bring them a frame.


Thanks for checking out my site, and sending me some comments!

I truly do realize the ubsurd nature of having a site dedicated to riding, and selling uni’s without any uni frame pics!

Honestly, I’m the craftsman, the salesman, the accountant, and the team captian. I have been trying to get dirtuni to its current state for some time now, and I just got super fired up about it and decided to send unicyclist.com some info.

There should be some pictures of my frames and complete uni’s with in the next couple of days.

If you all want to post your comments, or just write in please feel free to do so on dirtuni.com
You won’t hurt my feelings, and that’s what it’s there for.

I’m currently in Machias, Maine visiting my father, so if you call us up you may need to leave a message.

As for the weight of my frames. First of all, they are not aluminum unicycles. They are steel, with aluminum crown’s. Picure a rigid Marzocchi, with steel legs.
As I am out of town, I don’t have a scale, but I would guess they range from about 3 pounds to 4 depending on the wheel size.


Let me know if you’re ever in the vacinity of Oxford County, Maine. There isn’t a whole lot for riders in the area.



I’m in Machias. How far am I from Oxford?
One more week here. Maybe we can hit up a ride before I leave.