DirtFest May 18-20, 2012- Raystown Lake, PA

Dirt Rag magazine is again putting on the spectacular event known as DirtFest.

The last 2 years we’ve had unis there (and ridden the trails). The response from the other attendees was overall very positive so we decided to increase the one wheeled presence. This year we have official clearance for a uni demo area.

The idea is to provide a learner fence to hold on to and a bunch of unis to hopefully get some bikers hooked. From 4 years experience of racing unis in MTB events, I can attest to the genuine interest level of the riders.

We’ll need some other unicyclists to help man (or woman) the booth for the weekend. It’d be nice to have a few people there at a time and take shifts so we still get to ride. As far as loaners unicycles go, I’m planning on bringing a bunch from the Butler Wobble stash.

We’ve done pretty well on the local level at getting people interested in riding (not actually just inspiring them to try, but actually getting them on a unicycle and riding around without assistance). How many people will try and get hooked? We don’t know until we try.

Yes, it’s primarily a biking event. From prior experience, there’s only one section of 40 miles of trails that I’d probably avoid during peak times. It’s a really fast downhill trail (on a bike). I’d be concerned about getting in the way of someone with a freewheel.

Avoiding that is a very small price to pay for a FABULOUS weekend.

Join us.


Archknot and I built some portable trials obstacles last weekend (sandwich board, gapping posts, gapping rails and a portable skinny) to take. A learner bar is on the docket for construction soon.

The idea is to show mountain bikers that unicycling fits with what they currently do and is complementary to biking. Low risk trials and muni rides will reinforce that it can be challenging, but not emergency room dangerous.

bump (again).

The learner bar is done.

We’re up to 5 locals who can ride unis headed out for the weekend.

Join us!