Dirt Uni

Does anyone own one of these ? Are they good? Are they worth the money, or is Bedford/ other better? The look pretty good, but I was wondering about actual weight performance of the uni’s. They have profiles, so that should be good.

How much are they?

I’m gonna post 3 guesses:

90 Jillion dollars
That is all

They give some prices here : http://www.dirtuni.com/unicycle_custom.html

Actually not as bad as I thought. I would go for it if I didn’t already have kick@$$ unicycles.

Wait, does it say 36" upgrade for $50 on that page? I wonder if that means they outfit you with an airfoil, or just a regular coker rim…

$900 is not bad for a unicycle of that quality, or at least I think so. I mean, I piad about $800 for mine (and I haven’t put a Thomson in it yet, or a rail adapter, or a deity post clamp).

those bearing holders are beefy, which is awesome because they’ll protect the hub flanges and hardware during misjudged crank stalls/grinds. I just want to know how much they weigh.


When I get rich …

I’m going to have a hard time deciding where to get a custom uni …
I’ve added another bookmark for this place :smiley:
(although, by the time I’m rich… I’ll probably want to build my own :slight_smile: )

I would imagine that $50 is just for the additional length of tubing necessary for the longer legs.

Those look alot like the frames that I’ve built, but with much better bearing holders :smiley: