Dirt Uni Trials Cycle?

I may want to get the Dirt Uni Trials Cycle at UDC if it still around in May… But I was wondering if the rim is any good and if the Dirt Uni frame is good (I heard it was but how old is it, is the KH '07 frame better?)


What do you mean by “is the rim any good”?

It seems to do a good job of holding the tire in place, if that’s what you’re asking. If, however, you’ll be doing 6 foot drops with the wheel, this is a different question.

How aggressive of a rider are you? Help us help you.


It’s a good uni with strong components, but the components are outdated. A KH 07/08 is arguably better because it’s cheaper and easier to upgrade/replace parts.

This unicycle is pretty old school. It rides nice, looks good, and is a beast.
However, for the same amount of cash, you could get a better, up to date unicycle.

I would get a KH07, or 08 when it comes out. + CF seat base. The KH is a much better deal.

What you get with a KH:

  • A wider rim (47mm) compared to probably 38mm/42mm. This makes a huge difference in feel and “bounce”. This is a must for me for any trials uni.
  • Isis hub cranks. Although slightly heavier than profiles (100g), they are compatible with all sorts of cranks. They are slightly shorter than the profiles, and so you lose a bit of leverage.
  • Aluminum frame. High quality, very light, quite strong frame. This frame rocks.

usually kris does something to his unis in between major changes, so since this guy is waiting till may to order his uni I figured I would just put a “/08” next to the 07.

the price went down quite a bit. it used to be 5 million dollars

but the hub is stronger than the KH, right?

I don’t know this. I have ridden both and never broken either. I have never heard of either of them breaking as well.

But isn’t there some sort of lifetime guarantee on the Profile stuff?

Yes, but few ever use it.
There is also some warranty one KH parts. Send KH an email asking what he covers.


You’ll be pretty exclusive owning this one!

supposedly on the cranks and certain parts of the hub. Unfortunately I’ve heard several disputes where profile refused to pay up for warranty claims.

Thanks for posting… I am kind of a beginer, but do not want to buy a $300 uni this year and a $500 next so i just want to get a really good one now… money is not to big of an issue (as long as it is below $700)… I am about 120 lbs…


i am pretty sure he just covers defects. like you go off a 2 ft drop and the moments snap kind of thing.
not the “i rode it really hard and it broke”
you go for a 10 ft drop and then complain that it broke… dont think he will go for giving you new stuff for free