Dirt, Sweat and Gears 12 Hour

rolandisimo: I’d love to join you guys but I’m going to be here and here over that long (extended) weekend! I’m running the Hardrock 100 starting on July 10th and my wife starts the Badwater 135 on July 13th! :astonished:

BTW, I’m pretty sure I’ve got mud (now dirt I suppose) in my hub bearings. The day after I could still spin the bearings freely but now they don’t turn by hand and turn grudgingly so only when the frame is attached and I spin the wheel… Should I just replace them or is it possible to kind of “ride it out”? I’ve never ridden my unicycle (or tried to) through such awful conditions. I don’t have a bearing puller so I guess cleaning them out may be out of the question and more trouble than it’s worth? I do have a new replacement KH Moment Hub (already laced to a 26" rim) that I suppose I could swap out (or at least steal the bearings from). Thoughts by the mud riders out there?

That Badwater race is just nuts. I heard people would run in place and do jumping jacks in a sona, while wearing a sweat suit to train for the heat.

I wouldn’t ride it. It’d probably cause excessive wear, requiring replacement.

I think you can re-grease the bearings, but I don’t remember how. You may need to remove the bearings to either replace re-grease them.

If memory serves correct Harper on hear somewhere, once described in detail how to re-grease bearings.

Yeah I’m probably just going to replace the bearings as they’ve had a good life and I’ve ridden a lot of tough miles on them. Probably much easier anyhow than risking messing something up by removing the seals and removing/replacing the bearings. Well I did this at the right time as I’m, FINALLY, about to order a new rim/spoke set for my KH/Schlumpf hub so I’ll just add the bearing to the order. Guess I’ll be out of commission for a little while. No problem, I really need to ramp up my running miles for my July race anyhow!

Proof that I did ride some…

Nearing “the finish” of the second of my two laps (after 8h 20m of hell!). For more general race photos check out:

I’m already pumped for next year! Of course I’ll be bringing along a smaller 24" tire with more frame clearance and worse comes to worse I’ll put on my trail running shoes and strap my trials uni to my back! :slight_smile:

Bump for 2011:

This year’s Dirt, Sweat & Gears 12 Hour in Fayetteville, TN is on May 14th and there are categories for Solos, Duos, 4 persons and “Here For The Beer” (5+ riders).

After missing out in 2010 (because of a little run I was doing right before) I’m anxious to get back. Hopefully this year there won’t be any serious mud like in 2009. From what I heard 2010 was ideal and race organizers now have a permanent backup route in case of extreme mud.

Consider coming out to this year’s event. If we can get enough folks interested, the race director has told me he’d create a unicycle category.