Dirt Magazine - ANTI-UNICYCLIST!!!

Just thought some people might find this interesting.

After thinking Dirt was a mature and new thinking Magazine, I sent an email asking him if he would be at all interested in doing some kind of coverage on Mountain Unicycling as a relative of Mountain Biking and I got the following extremely dissapointing reply :-

“No we would not consider it aaron. If you ever get handy on a bike with two
wheels instead of a novelty trick bike from the circus then maybe we’ll do
something in dirt on it. Your dad should know better than to encourage this
behaviour, it’s not big and it’s not clever. Perhaps you could learn to
juggle with juggly things and get mbuk to do a twenty page article on it
next to their how to backflip dressed as a woman article pantomime special
Tim March

Feeling quite shocked and angry with his patronising response I replied :-

"I must admit I am very dissapointed with that response, I would have thought dirt magazine would have the maturity to recognize a sport in it’s own right that’s something they can’t do. It is in no way related to the circus, that’s the kind of thing I would expect from MBUK. I assumed you were a bit more free thinking to welcome a new sport me up, to a certain extent I hope you are, it’s a pretty pertheic response that’s at least as ‘extreme’ as mountain biking and through ignorance not associate it with the circus but how wrong could I have been. If you are just trying to wind me up, that is a pretty pathetic reply from a mainstream magazine. "

After that I maybe thought I had got through to him that Mountain Unicycling isn’t just a ‘circus trick’, but I realised I was severely mistaken. He sent this :-

“Attention seeking kids choosing sports that no-one in their right mind would normally ever consider doing has not been something we have ever supported at dirt in the same way that we would not expect to see an article in a mountaineering magazine on someone who could climb a mountain with an egg and spoon in his hand or hop up it one footed. The word gimmick comes to mind. Uni cycling is not a new sport and nor is riding one over rough ground. There is absolutely no justification for an article of anykind. The circus is a place for unicycles and I think you’ll find that that is where the roots of what you are doing stem from. They certainly never took off as a form of transport did they, except of course for attention seeking kids like yourself who want to be looked at for being “different”. Like I said if your any good on a proper bike let us know. If not then I’m sure that at least in the miniscule world of uni cycling you will be uni-que. Pat romano was doing this stuff in circuses over 25 years ago which you obviously don’t know jack st about. My intention was not to wind you but to wake you up to the fact that you are just after attention and media props and we don’t see anything about what you are doing as In any way interesting to anyone but yourself, a little bit like having a wk and then asking you mate if he liked too, which of course he wouldn’t would he. I’m sure you are into what you do but we are not.”

He obviously doesn’t want to do anything in Dirt, which I completely understand but I feel he went so far over that line, didn’t he? Do other people agree with him seriously that it’s just a circus trick and should never be given the right to be it’s own sport?

He also needs to realise, unicycles were invited along time before bicycles, they are alot simpler and yes they are a form of transport, if not a little harder, talk about know it all, telling a unicyclist about unicycling. . .ah well


PS: Please feel VERY free to email him at tim@4130.com if you would like to show him your views on the matter :smiley:

I’m sure if he didn’t want to do an article on unicycling he could have just said sorry no, and kept it at that. Instead he just went over the line.
I think I will email him, and I think we all should to show him that unicycling is not such a ‘miniscule’ community.

I’d agree with that, I’ve posted on a bike forum too, and being a mountain biker aswell, and knowing a lot of mountain bikers I know for a fact that they find it entertaining. pilock lol.
Right on!

obviously he was way out of line. there is no reason why he should have been so rude.

i am not too surprised that he sees mountain unicycling as a gimick. if you look at unicycling articles in other mountain bike magazines that is the way that it is usually presented. also you should not assume that mountain bikers cannot unicycle. you may be surprised at the number that actually can. but when they learn how, it is as a gimick, which may also have led him to this conclusion. furthermore, unless they had KH or someone of equal incredible mountain unicycling abilities, it would be a gimick. the stuff they have in that magazine is incredible, far more daring than anything that has been done on a unicycle. so for them to have a unicycling article featuring trail riding that is not to par with the biking they feature, it would only be because unicycling is different, and therefore would be a gimick.

it is very unfortunate that he was such an ass to you. hopefully he will change his attitude towards unicycling in the future.

Yeah, I’m going to send one of his fellow employeys a link to the mountain bike response.

I personaly think he is just a big DICK and like everyone else who doesnt ride he is afraid of different. So if he gets this tell him to suck a goat:D

Re: Dirt Magazine - ANTI-UNICYCLIST!!!

pluto wrote:
> He also needs to realise, unicycles were invited along time before
> bicycles,

Eh? Invited where?

Or should that be invented? In which case, who’s been playing with the

That editor you’ve been communicating with certainly gives the
impression of being a prize arsehole, anyway.

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

I was under the impresion that it was penny farthings, then they were turned into unicycles and later traditional bikes now, with freewheels and the such like, I wasn’t refering to penny farthings.
Am I right?

I just sent this to above mentioned email:

There are some cool little trails laced throughout my community and all the kids on mountain bikes who see me – an old man of 42 – riding my knobby-tired unicycle, they’re nothing but delighted and psyched. This suggests your readers would be psyched for a MUni (mountain unicycle) article.

could we spam him with hate-mail?

It would be best to flood his inbox with (sort of)polite messages explaning to him why he should feature a uni article in his magazine.

forcing someone to listen to your negative message just makes them want to change their opinion even less. just find the thread called “helmet or not”

yeah…I was gonna tell him that I hope he gets sodomised with knives…but I don’t…so I didn’t.

Besides…I’m too lasy to say anything constructive…

Bicycle Magazine

That would be a very immature response. Haven’t you gotten used to the circus comments by now? You should let it roll off your back- when unicycling, you get more positive comments by far than negative, so when you get negative responses (whether it’s from a bike magazine editor or a random stranger) just ignore it and keep riding. Who cares what other people think? I don’t think posting Tim March’s email in the public forum was a very good way of dealing with it- the story is fine but to disclose his email is not cool. It’s hard to keep spammers away from emails sometimes (if they aren’t unicyclist.com emails) so it’s better to keep other peoples emails private unless they give permission to broadcast it. I think Tim has the right to his views about unicycling and although it might sound harsh to a unicyclist- it helps if you understand that many people base their views on prejudice. When you learn to ride and do big jumps with a trainer wheel- write back to the Bike magazine- until then leave the snotty bikers alone.

notice the lack of hate in that comment. I was actually just suggesting.

But yeah…I opted for the sending of nothing. Anything angry would just give us a bad image…and we…are very, very good people. pats himself on head

I agree with Rowan. It’s this newspaper guy’s own loss that he’s so incredibly blind. It makes no difference in my life.

I think I’m going to write the guy and tell him to send you another email, but this time not to hold back and tell you how it really is.

Posting the guys email adress was even more unprofessional and imature than him being a dick. Insiting a spam fest with your comments takes it to a whole different level. How about next time instead of crying about being rejected you go talk to the competing paper and offer them up the same sort of article but include photo’s and something article worthy for them to write about and not just hey do a uni peice ill be kool.

If anyone has a worthy article of being published send me a PM. I am friends with a few of the editors over at dirt rag magazine they have tried to get me to put together something for a while now but I’ve been to busy with school…

For once I agree with Rowan on something. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Don’t start sending the editor a whole bunch of emails complaining about this. Be careful of what you write. He has the power to publish what you write and make fun of you in print. Don’t engage him in his game.

Vote with your dollars (or pounds) and subscribe to Dirt Rag or some other mountain biking magazine that isn’t so stuck up. Dirt Rag has done articles on mountain unicycling. Dirt Rag is all about having fun in the dirt on two wheels or one. They aren’t stuck up. They don’t make fun of people doing something different.

What do you mean by that John? We agree on heaps of things- you long cranked helmet wearer!

“I personaly think he is just a big DICK and like everyone else who doesnt ride he is afraid of different. So if he gets this tell him to suck a goat”

i personally couldnt have said it more fruitfully myself!


thank you very much:D