Dirt jumping unicycle?

Can you do dirt jumping unicycling, like on a bmx track? Using sumthing like a 24 inch muni but with shorter cranks (140mm) and a really light frame and hub/cranks. Could you get big air. What do you think? :roll_eyes:

Tried it, BMX jumps are designed for much higher speeds than are attainable on a unicycle (i was using a 24" with 140 cranks), consequently they are genreally built much too steep, and it’s a fight to be able to get over them atall. You could build a course of small low angle jumps that would give you some air. BMX tracks are still fun, you just really can’t get much air except on the drop-offs and the small stuff.

Try a 29er or Coker.

you might be able to get enough speed to get air on a coker, but the landing will not be so pretty I think. uni’s aren’t really meant to get huge air on…

You won’t get big airs, but, as James_Potter said, unis aren’t made for big airs. You can still play around in the skataparks and BMX places and have a lot of fun, though, because you can practise so many other skills …

if you were on a 20 or a 24 inch the landing woudnt be all that hard… but on a coker or a 29"… rim might bend or taco and landing would just be harsh

the problem with that is that a 20 or 24 inch you won’t be able to get in the air.

what about a geared muni or something like that? has one been made?

What about a B.C. wheel? It should be possible then.

ooh, I didn’t think about that…I think if it was a downhill right before the jump, that would totally work. but it’d still be hard to land…it’d take practice.

Evan needs to go to a bmx track and try it out.

They should have enough oif a slope to maintain speed. if not, you can skitch behind a bike or get pulled behind one with a rope


Set up the BC wheel with some clip type pedals so you dont lose the wheel!
P.S. Be sure to get a video of this I got to see this

Evvaaaaaaann! Evvaaaaaaann! Get out there and try it. Oh and get video

…or put some rockets on your BC footplates :slight_smile: