Dirt jumping a unicycle.

Is anyone good at jumping a unicycle off ramps and jumps and stuff?I do that a lot,but im not very good.:o Does anyone do that like they do with bikes/BMX?
Post pics.please,if any.

Since you can’t build up a whole lot of speed on a unicycle ramps aren’t a lot of use since they are made to be used with lots of speed to clear large objects. I’m sure people have gone off dirt ramps on a uni but not in the same sense as on a dirtbike that can go really fast.

you could try it on a coker…

yeah i know about the speed.
i jump off about a foot high ramp alot,its not very impressive or challenging or anything,and you cant get very much air,but its fun.

Re: Dirt jumping a unicycle.

I’d love to see it. I ride my Muni at the local BMX track and just
wobbling over the top of the bumps is my goal.

Dylan does a pretty good jump in U-2, and a great crash too.

If you made an impossible wheel with a frame and seat you could do it, think of the posibilities…

i made one of those last year i did one ramp landed it to got about 4 feet and canned myself so bad that my balls went inside me and had to shake em out ( i am joking but i did can myself preety bad)

If you’re going really fast you can get a bit of air off a ramp, although not as much as a bike.

If someone’s put a jump on a downhill, you can get quite big jumps off them. You really need to be able to go at >15mph to get any useful height though. If you have a 26" wheel on a good downhill you can get faster than that. A 1-2 foot ramp is a good size for a uni. On a steeper downhill you get effectively more height because the ground falls away from you.

I’ve done this once or twice accidentally and it’s weird, you kind of have to keep spinning the wheel while you’re flying, or else you get kicked off when you start the landing.


It seems to me that the best way to do this would be from downhill gliding at speeds of 15+mph. Then it should be possible to jump at least a few feet. Landing properly would be a problem, but it could probably be done.