dirt bike tires on a 20"!!!!

16" motorcycle tires fit on a 20" rim!!! My friend ryan did it to his unicycle. it looks pretty awesome and the tire he has is fairly springy and doesn’t fold, even on his CX rim.

just a few examples that will fit, I just don’t know about frame clearance.



Where’s the pictures of the tire, on his uni? Thanks

So it’s too big for a trials rim, right?

Hey one of my friends did that a couple months ago.
cost him 40 bucks for the tire though.

40 bucks for a motorcycle tire is good. thats the price of a decent bike one.

It only weighs 8-11LBS

That’s about as heavy as my uni (Bit less, but wutever)

How much do these tires actually way? How much more than a Luna or CC? The shipping weight is useally much higher than the actual weight.

A number of years ago we looked into these tires for use on rear of trials bicycle. I actually bought a couple, to find out:

  1. I don’t remember the weight exactly, but the figure 4 or 5 pounds sounds right.
  2. The compound was not grippy, in fact for cycling (or UNI) application they would not be very grabby. They might be fine on moto-trials, but there you have to ad 150 pounds+ for the weight of the bike… making harder compounds necessary.
  3. The size. If it is the same tire I played with a few years ago (and it looks like it), they were too big.

Sorry for the negetives, just thought I would save some one a few bucks before they made the effort to learn what I did.

hmm my friend has a 2.5 tire

this thread is ghey, moto tyres are way too stiff and heavy, and skrobo, your friend isnt the only one with a 2.5 tyre…

and no they would not be grippy.

if you want to use moto tyres, get a dirtbike.

if you wanna use ISIS cranks get a bike.

yer well if you wana be i D!CK about it then none of us use any tyres as 99% are designed for bikes…

reason i said that is because it is a useless idea that has greater disadvantages than advantages

i’d like to see a picture. Coem on people its abit of fun. Ok its probably not as good as a bike tyre, but still its funny.

i’m not sure i understand, we don’t use tires?

what he means is all tires are diesigned for bike that unicycles use