directional see-saw?

any one here know how to make a directional see saw (teeter totter). Me and some friends are building a whole bunch of north shore type stuff, ill post some piucs when its done. What we have now is pretty damm insane though.

So if anyone knows how to make a directional see-saw. please tell me. harper, maybe you can figure it out, heh heh.

Nick, I suddenly realised I had watched your little moving image of the rider doing the spin and falling off for ages, just willing him to get it right just once… :o


You are, unless I’m mistaken, a Standard Hard Core Dude, with just the right amount of Glue in your hair -and an enginearing student. You’re over qualified to answer this question, as evidenced by:

While I would normaly bow to Mr. H’s judgement, the Epicyclic Man is out of town, so, my 2 cents:

Make the static downside longer or add weight to same. Or perhaps you could use a skillfully placed garage door opener.

Do send pictures :).


…which reminds me of an amusing childhood story.

SO, there I was, Mid-teeter (or was it Tawter?), my cousin, Jill, high in the air, and I began to wonder, “Could I get off this thing without the seat beeming me in the chin?” Naturaly, this was a hard choice to make -heck, I could have bit off the end of my toung- but after considering the relative merits of the end of my oral tentacle, I shoved off.

It was hard to explain to The TALL PEOPLE, that I wasn’t interested in hurting my cousin… I didn’t ever get to the part about just wanting to see the expression on her face, or how her sacrifice will benifit children everywere; their body language made it clear that they would not understand.


Sorry, I don’t know how to make a directional see-saw but there’s one on ‘New World Disorder’. To be precise, it’s at exactly 18 minutes on the video. There’s also a see-saw on top of another see-saw in that section (17m13s). You go over one see-saw and then the whole thing starts to move…it’s great! If you haven’t already watched it, watch New World Disorder. There’s a big 1 min 45 sec northshore section in the video, not to mention Kris Holm’s famous section. That’d be great if you posted those pictures of your course.

Good Luck,
Andrew Carter

which disorder you talking bout? in the second one there is a 5 stack teeter.

I’m talking about the first one. 5 STACK!!! How does that work? Does the second one have another unicycling section in it?

The second one has about 3 minutes of kris on the shore, and alot of crazy mtb shit like some 55 foot drops that dont get landed (lots and lots of pain…). the 5 stack is most like a series of normal ones with the centers on top of each other. I have yet to see the first disorder, but I’m hopping to soon…

There’s about a 50 foot drop in the first one. I’m not sure if it’s the same one but it’s crazy!

Tell me how to make a directional see saw, you off topic punks!

sorry, but i havent the slightest clue on how to make one.

Dont you just make one end a little longer? or weighted down?..
Even if this is not the way everyone does it (which it probably is) deos it matter? If it works it works.


no, thats not a directional see-saw. thats a regular see saw.


let me clarify: A directional see saw is like a regular see saw, except that once your half way across, it swivels so that the see saw (still a straight board) rotates like 30 degrees horizontally as well as the regular vertical displacement.

Just make the fulcrum that you are piviting on, not parallel to the ground. Make some sort of catch so that the teeter, or is it the totter, doesn’t slide off. You will also have to build up one side of the board so that it is level. Just a guess. I never made one.

thank you guass for finally giving me some advice i can use. I appreciate everyone elses nput as well, hah hah hah, no really I do. Thats what makes this fourm great.

anyways i figured it out, ill get pictures up of this and 2 other stunts ASAP, i promise.

Like I said, if you get a chance you should watch ‘New World Disorder’ (the first one). Even if you can’t see anything in that much detail you’ll get an idea of how to make a directional see-saw.

Good luck,
Andrew Carter

Here’s a pic of the kind of teeter totter your talking about. This ones at the North Shore. Unfortunately it doesn’t have much detail of the mechanism. I’ll do my best to describe how it works.

The fulcrum pivoted in two directions independently. First it had a regular axle type joint, for the regular teeter totter motion. On top of that, there was a thing to allow the bridge to twist in the horizontal plane. The bridge rested on both sides on slanted branches. When you crossed the fulcrum, and the bridge started to pivot downward, the bridge would slide down the branch sideways, causing the bridge to rotate. After you rode off the end of the bridge, the heavier (starting) side would slide down its branch, resetting the bridge for the next rider. The branches had some kind of metal plating to reduce friction.

I hope that isn’t to unclear. If anyone else has seen that stunt, and thinks I missed something, please point it out.



I imagine a regular see-saw is constructed using a parallel to the ground pipe, held up by two posts, one on each end. A board lays over the top. The board is held to the pipe with two horseshoe shaped straps, or an upside omega shape. Now the first modification to create your directional see-saw would be to replace the two posts to the side of the see-saw with a single pipe directly beneath the board. The support would have a T shape. Each of the two straps would go around the two upper parts of the T. The upper part of the T would be constructed so that it could swivel around. If you were on the see-saw you would not be able to see any of the support structure. Now what you need is some sort of ratchet system. When the see-saw moves up and down, the motion caused the upper part of the T and the connected board to move around. I’m not sure if this is what you want, but it would be fun!

That would make sense…