dimensions of the nimbus isis super wide hub

does anyone know the distance between the bearings on the nimbus isis super wide hub

i like unicycle.com but they don’t give enuf dimensions on some of they parts

I know right? i wish they had weights of items too. That would definetly help.


Assuming it is the same spacing as the square taper super wide hub the bearings are 130mm apart center to center and flange spacing is 100mm. All other dimensions should be the same as the regular ISIS hub.

UDC UK give the bearing spacing of the square-taper superwide hub as 125mm (centre to centre).


I think that someone is going to have to measure their hub for a definitive answer but It looks like you are probably right 125 not 130. UDC US lists that their frames as having 125mm spacing center to center for both their 40 and 42mm bearing frames, but then list their square taper hub is listed at 140mm outside to outside (which would translate to 128mm center to center).

I thought that the frames used to be listed as 130mm center to center back when I bought my 36er. Not that surprising the numbers on the site gasp might not be accurate.

My money is now on 125 but I would laugh if the UDC US measurement for the hub is right and it is actually 128 :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the isis hub but I just measured my square tapered and it does measure 130mm center to center.Mine was purchased as the UDC 36 about 4 months ago I think the same uni is called a triton elsewhere.Anyway it is the no frills nimbus 36 offering.:slight_smile:

Just to clarify, you’re talking about the Titan. Triton is a company that made custom TI frames. Triton is also a sea god.

ok heres what UDC sent me 104mm for the hub flange, 140mm for the bearings, 178mm for the spindle. All measurements were taken outside to outside.

That would make it 128mm centre to centre, like Sask said. Strange that Roger listed 125mm on the UDCUK site - he’s usually pretty acurate with that sort of thing. I haven’t got a wide hub in my 36 any more otherwise I’d go and measure it.

On a similar note, does that mean that the spacing for a standard hub is actually 103mm, not 100? The wide hub was supposed to be 25mm wider than normal, which is presumably where the 125 came from. Perhaps when they made the wide ones they ended up a bit wider than expected.


laugh then !!