So I did a brief search… didn’t see much.

I want a uni, pref. 24". I was almost set on a torker lx (cheap enough, but supposedly non-crappy enough to last). Then i saw a “dimension”? It’s slightly cheaper, and I can get both discounted about 30%…

Is one better than the other? I am 21 years old, male, and about 220lbs… So strength is a must…


the lx is loads better

I have never seen a dimension uni in real life

But I am a huge fan of their 8 $ MTB and 10 $ city pedals. If their uni’s provide anything near the value of their pedals, you will be very pleased with it.
A E Bike had them real cheap a while ago, but now they only list a 16" for 55 $

I, myself, am a big guy (240 ish). I ride a Nimbus II and I love it. I’ve been riding off curbs and it seems to hold up ok. I need to learn how to hop onto stuff, but so far it seems like a good uni for what I use it for. It was a huge difference from the 24" Gravity uni I had. That uni now is with a friend who is learning. I think, for the most part, your first uni will be the learner. So if you go with cheap, its ok. You will upgrade sooner or later. Its the law!!

I’m not sure you can extrapolate the quality of their unicycles from the quality of their pedals… :roll_eyes: Most of the cheap unicycles are very similar (Sun, CyclePro, Dimension, Gravity, etc.), and very not good.

Go with the LX.


Haha awsome, I got such a good laugh at that.

I want someone to give us a report on the dimension !

I wouldn’t trade my DMR mag pedals for the dimensions. But they are no where near the deal, at 8x the price. I forgot what dimension was asking for a 24, but I think it was less then half as much $ as an lx. I would bet it is just as fine a learners uni, someone find out for us !:slight_smile:

The Dimension street is $75… I was looking more at the 24" muni at $125

Post us a link

So we can check it out.


That be it…

QBP has always had nothing worse than “half decent” for my bike selection… And I think they are the ones supplying this

Kris Holm deals through QBP… hehe. discount!

I get a bigger discount directly through KH than I do through QBP :wink:

Not going there till I am sure I like it though…

I wish I worked at a bike store, oh yeah, I’m sponsored by one. hmmm, maybe a new KH29?