Dijon Sur La Roue 2010 Trailer

Bonjour à tous (Hi all),

Voici le trailer tardif de la future vidéo (encore plus tardive) de Dijon Sur La Roue 2010.

Monocalement, Babs!

Cool video, I can’t wait for the whole thing. Was it a 900 or a 1080 that Adrien did? My favorite part was that guy taking a break in the middle of his trials line. :stuck_out_tongue:

Julia, it definitely looked like a 1080 that could have been a 1080 to rollingwrap :stuck_out_tongue:

one of the best, most atmospheric uni vids i have ever seen. is there a t-shirt available with “pas le bon pied”?

Yes, (but my english is so bad, sorry)

This is the Tee-Shirt of competition “Dijon Sur La Roue” with Mario Bross :

or my Tee-Shirt for example (Forget the shirt):

Adrien Delecroix and Adrien Lichtfouse ride with us during this competition!
We had a good laugh (Thank’s google translation)! ^^

That was kind of long, would’ve preferred a short video with great shots. And that’s the sketchiest 1080 I’ve ever seen.