Dijon on the wheel (French convention)

Dijon sur la roue, or Dijon on the wheel is a major french multi-disciplinary convention. It hosts the biggest french trial convention, with about 50 lines and 650 pallet. An important flat comp, with usually most of the best french riders. A nice uni-basketball tournament. As you may know France as quite some teams playing that. A terrific MUni comp. Don’t forget helmet, gloves and knee pads, because DSLR organisers usually go for sick tracks! And then there is this last comp called “Bourrine ball”. It is a home made comp mixing football, golf and little forfeits, all of this on a unicycle. Believe me, it’s quite fun !

Registration is only 10 euros if you register before 21st of march. This includes all comps, plus the possibility for you to camp on the beautiful camping site arranged for the event.

This convention really would like to welcome international attendees this year. For more informations and registration go to the official website (in French, English and German).

You can also ask questions on the french forums, don’t hesitate to post in english!