difrnce between freestyle, trails and street

i have been on this site for a wile and i just reallised that i dont know the difence between frestyle and trails and im note quite shure about street:o so could somone just straighten this little dilema for me that would be great:):o:)

sorry about spelling:o

Trials unicycling – Maneuvering up, down, and/or across obstacles using hops, drops, and balance moves. The objective in trials is to get from one challenging place to another in any way possible, without any fancy tricks involved.
Trials - not to be confused with riding on “trails”, as in, mountain unicycling.

Freestyle: Done on smooth flat ground, the objective is to perform tricks or skill sets without using any obstcles or props.
(I think the term freestyle is a bit outdated.)

Street: Think of it as BMX or skateboarding on a unicycle. You use obstacles such as stairs, ledges, curbs, etc. to do tricks. The main objective is not just to get up or over the obstacle, but to use the obstacle for the trick.

~Of course, there’s some overlap between these types of riding, as usual. But you get the general idea. Hope that clears things up for you! :slight_smile:

Forrest, I think you said Freestyle when you meant Flatland. Freestyle is “anything goes” and in competition form includes music, costume, props and entertainment value.

Read the rules to learn more.

Though the rulebook doesn’t necessarily explain why about things, it’s fairly wordy and tells you exactly what each event requires.

In a nutshell, Trials is as Forrest described; the object is to get across the terrain, or complete the line, in any way possible. In Street, the idea is to do cool tricks and combinations, using something other than flat ground to do it on. Freestyle is an actual performance, intended for an audience, but still requires a lot of technical unicycling to be successful in competition.