different type of jump

i saw pics of high jump contests on unicycles, and i realized the wheel stays vertical the whole time. what IF they did it motorcross style and whip the unicycle to the side? maybe they could go higher…

just a thought…

I’ve thought of this before too. I think Kris Holm does it this way actually. It seems like most people push the seat out in front, but he pushes it to the side in any photos and videos I’ve seen of him hopping…I think.


Souds good but i think it would only work for clearing things, im not sure it will work for hoping up something, because it would be hard to ride away with the tire so slanted…

turning it completely sideways would make it pretty hard to land…but for like the high jump competitions, just to get over the bar, it could help I think.

I’ll try that tommorow, I still have to learn seat out front jumping, so I might aswell do a proper Kris-Holm-seat-out-jump eh? :stuck_out_tongue: Yer looking at the soon to be best unicyclist in Holland :wink:

I know its not a very high hop but My uni is kind of leaning sideways in this picture.


zack small.jpg

ha, yeah, that’s not very high at all, that’s only, what, 3 feet? pffft, I can nail a 36" sidehop no problem.

anyway, check out http://unicycle.2ya.com/ and go to the Trials section, and look at Kris’ seat out hopping tutorial. you can see he kinda turns his wheel sideways when he does it…

yup, not high at allll
that’s pretty massive for most people’s standards

well the point is, is that the uni is leaning in. its just not very high to me sorry.


keep dreaming

I can only jump one plalet. Maybe I could jump two with the sideways twist.

Are you sure your jumping off and not on in that pic?

Re: keep dreaming

you just need practice…you should be able to do, say, three or four pallets seat in before you should start worrying about seat out hopping.
and he is jumping on to the pallets, not off.

Re: keep dreaming

I dont think a sideways twist would help with 2 palates, You just have to practice your techique.

EDIT: James_Potter beat me.

say, how tall is one pallet anyway?
like, four inches or so?

Most of them are about 5 inches i think.

I noticed Yoggi holds the wheel to one side when he needs to clear somthing to land on somthing else. Looks tricky

ya pallets are 5 inhces tall.

I don’t jump high, but I’ve watched a lot. When doing a forward hop, the body is doing a pretty big bend to suck the wheel up in front of you. To add a sideways tilt might compromise the mount of “suck” you can get to the front. If they evened each other out there is a chance of some benefit there.

For a side hop onto something, anything more than a bit of tilt would be hard to undo on landing.

For clearing a high-jump bar, a sideways tilt might work if the rider could figure out the mechanics of getting the wheel both up and sideways.

Going back to the bike guys, For the most part they are tilting the bike for looks, not to clear an obstacle (I think). When I see bike riders trying to get height or clear obstacles, they usually concentrate on sucking the bike up as high as possible also; no tilt. This doesn’t mean it might not work for unicycles though…

wow… Its awesome how this has become a sort of given and technique in Trials these days. Pretty cool. I mean like the slight folding that people do these days lol.