different tube sizes?

well,i got a flat today.no problem,id just replace the tube with the extra i bought at wal-mart last month.but when i finally got it on there,it doesnt fit.what it seems like,the reinforced part around the valve stem is too wide,and folds up the sides of the rim,making the bead of the tire not seat correctly and stick out.
Its not anything complicated,just a regular 20" rim,kenda k-rad tire,and wal-mart 20" tube.

whats going on here?can somone explain this to me???

Just get a non crap mall-wart (cheap plastic crap) tube and I should fit fine, I have never heard of this before, and it is prolly b/c mall-wart dosen’t have very high manufactuing tolerences. If you get a good, thick, DH style tube, you wont get pinch flats. (as easily)


ahhh.they always worked before.and there cheap.do they even make dh tubes in 20"?I’ve never got a pinch flat anyway.

Try a different brand of tube. Some of the tubes at Wal Mart, Target, KMart, and other large department stores can be a bit funky and different. Try a tube from your local bike shop.

I’ve got a tube for a small trailer tire in my 20. Its wide and thicker than normal tubes ive found. It may add just a little wieght but its far out lived normal tubes in my 20, and its still going strong!

I got the little beast at a bike shop that sold lots of outdoor equipment too…maybe even canoe trailers and such?

my 2¢. take it easy.:slight_smile: