Different Saddles (Seats)

I’ve always ridden a rather flat seat, similar to the classic saddle on unicycle.com.

Well anyway last night I rode a nimbus gel saddle, which I think are common on trials unicycles.

I found the nimbus gel saddle comfortable… apart from it crushes your balls! I think this is mostly because of curved, banana like, shape. Even after trying many different positions on the saddle it still hurt, lol.

I also I couldn’t jump as high with the saddle because I hold the front and back of the saddle to jump (weird, I know) and the front of the gel saddle is higher. I think another thing about jumping is ATM I ride a beginner unicycle with a seat shaped similar to the classic saddle just with a handle. This seat is flexible and I think that helps me jump.

Anyway I was going to buy a trials unicycle so what seat should I use on the trials unicycle?

Any feedback would be good, thanks.

Price limit?

I would say a KH street seat, and when you break the seatbase, go CF.

Um price limit is quite high. Not sure how many USD. Maybe $80 US.

Is the KH street saddle the same shape as the nimbus gel? It’s hard to tell the shape of saddles from the pictures on unicycle.com.

Also although I mostly do trials I do some muni too.

EDIT: Sorry what’s CF? I’m not so familiar with abreviations.

Carbon Fibre. It is very strong and very light. When you start to break regular plastic bases, go CF. For trials, I would go with the KH street seat. For muni/distance, the KH freeride seat is the way to go.

The KH street is significantly flatter than the nimbus gel, as is the KH freeride. The freeride is probably the most comfortable saddle out there excluding any custom jobs. If you are sitting on it for any long period of time the KH street can feel a bit hard but its actually not too bad.

OK thanks. That’s really helpful advice. I’ll definitely look into those. I guess the hard part will be deciding between the two. It’s an $85 decision.

If I’m lucky someone at the club will have one of the saddles I can try but I’m sure either of these seats will be a hell of a lot better than what I’m using at the moment anyway lol.

I think I’m leaning towards the KH freerider because it’s better all round and because I don’t have a heap of money I can switch it to a Muni if I ever buy one.

Does anyone know the website that the CF bases are on?

thanks, Chan.

unicycle.com, funnily enough

ahh sorry i didnt see it on there when i was browsing saddles. theres a better one you can get than the unicycle.com one though isnt there? im sure there was a post on here a week or two ago that linked to a CF site. i think the CF bases were about $120?


unless you wanna get a scott wallis base no…even if you did wanna get that he’s not making them anymore. They were around 200 bucks i believe plus the thompson post comes to a total of around 280 give or take ten bucks

ye soudsn like you;re talking about the SWallis base. I believe there will be more in the future but he is currently not making them, I believe he’s redesigning the moulds and genreally busy with his day job for now.

I have a kh trials seat, and a nimbus gel

I think the KH is better. It’s slimmer, lighter, and as comfortable. Plus it has a better cover that isn’t stapled on.

I suggest buying the KH street saddle. It’s pretty flat, and fairly comfy for a thin seat.

you can get it from compulsioncyclescom, unicycle.com, and bedfordunicycles.ca