different mounts

hey guys can anyone tell me a few different mounts i can do,180 unispin mount,suicide,leg aroud and some more can any one help me:D

Hey, check out Leo’s site for lots of mounts. He has 36 videos of different mounts which can be seen here on the Standard Skill page (scroll down to the bottom).

He also has a collection of 9 more videos of different mounts on the freestyle page which can be seen here (at the top of page)

Hope this helps.

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cheers man

cheers man

i tend to not bother with mounts because its hard to get ones that look good.
most of the really good mounts i’ve seen are all unique to specific riders so
copying those ones is a bit out of question (and they are hard anyway). Best mounts ive seen are Daiki’s mount to seat drag (think UniVerse2) and Julien Monney mounting straight into backwards glide.

Theres nothing wrong with using someones elses tricks…Shats how styles get broadened. If kno one copied crankflips then we wouldnt have all the wicked variations that we have now. Go ahead and do mounts that other epopl do…Its not like theyre gonna tell you not to.

k sweet guys i learend a new mount last night , back mount:D