different kind of crankflip problem

ok i posted this in an old thread but nobody has even viewed it and i’m impatient so ya’ll are gonna have to deal with a new thread. (sorry)

i ride with my left foot forward on the unicycle, but i’ve never been able to do a rev with my left foot forward, i can only do rev’s with my right foot forward (ie. switch). i’ve been trying to learn crankflips for a while now and i’ve gotten all the motions down, but i just can’t seem to kick the cranks hard enough with my left foot. but when i try it switch, i spin the cranks like lightning but i haven’t gotten the movements down so i dont even come close to landing it. my question is, do you think it would be easier/better for me to start over in the learning process and try and learn switchflips first, or should i just stick with regular crankflips, since i’ve already come this far?

also any advice on kicking the cranks faster would be great.


first off…what hand do you hold the seat with? If you hold the seat with your right hand you should learn to hop with your left foot forward, if you hold with your left hand you should learn to hop with your right foot forward.

As for flicking the pedals…figure out what your stance is and then (from your normal hopping stance) use your front foot to flick the cranks.

You have to lose your fear if you want to land this trick. You also need to focus on “SCRAPING” your foot of the frontside of the pedals. Watch Shaun J’s tutorial if your having trouble getting the spin.

Dude, I have the same problem :astonished: But I think I’ll learn them with left foot forward ^^

i’ve been compared to a little kid that first learns how to ride a skateboard, you know how they all learn to push mongo, well yea thats kinda me. i’ve been unicycling for about 5 years now (just discovered the more extreme stuff about 3 years ago though) and since i taught myself how to hop without any guidance i have sort of an odd way of riding. i hop with my left foot forward, i hold the seat with my left hand, and i hop to the right when i’m doing static hops. it works for me, i know its wierd, but it works. i’m not so new to riding that im going to spend the time to relearn hopping in a new position.

i think my biggest issue with the crankflip is that when i first leanred to hop my biggest thing was to NOT let the pedals move any and so when i hope switch i try to get my feet back to my normal position which is why i can rev so easily. and i think the hardest thing for me is actually flicking the crank instead of pushing it.

i’ve watched his tutorial so many times that i damn near have it memorized and i can do everything except spin the cranks fast enough to have them end up in the positioned they started. i mean my feet land as if the pedals were there, but because the cranks haven’t finished flipping there’s nothing there fo me to land on. should i maybe try it off a ledge so that they have more time to spin, or should i just keep practicing?

Fabian mark and Joe Hodges both jump to the right, left foot forward and left hand on seat.

So its not weird :wink: Its just personal prefference.

anybody got any helpful tips or is this one just left up to me?

I can’t flip, so no tips there, but I would highly suggest learning them with your natural foot forward, not switch. This is so that later down the road you can take them off sets, and since you don’t do spins switch (I think) you can later learn hicks, treys, 5ths or whatever without having to change your spining stance.

hmm… reminds me of hugo sort of. try learning backflips first… maybe that is the way to go with u.

I had the same problem.
It too me a really long time to lear them but when I did they just clicked. I would suggest you learn at least to do a rev first. They are really easy and although not completely needed for crankflips I think you should be able to do them if you expect to be able to learn flips.

thanks ya’ll…i think i’m just gonna have to keep working. i’ve been practicing over the past couple of days and i can finally manage to rev with my regular foot forward not just switch.

i might try working on backflips a little bit but i think that if i just keep trying it’ll eventually just happen, its just going to be frustrating for a while.

thanks ya’ll