Different dismounts

Pinned pedals are probably not a good idea for beginners. It’s safer to bail out too early rather than too late. I think it’s easier to learn repositioning on relatively smooth pedals, then adapt that skill to pinned pedals, rather than the other way around. If a rider doesn’t learn how to keep their feet on the pedals without pins, they may end up relying too heavily on aggressive pins to keep their feet stable. I rode with aggressive pins for about 6 months. I was annoyed by the sensation that my feet were slightly in the wrong position. I wondered if a certain amount of twisting of the feet relative to the pedals is normal during riding, considering how much swerving is involved in unicycling. Being locked into the pedals made me feel like the twisting of the unicycle was twisting my ankles and knees. If I did large drops, I would probably be thinking about more aggressive pedals.

Another form of UPD: a fall following an unsuccessful repositioning of your foot on a pinned pedal.

Back flip dismount

Here is the most creative dismount I’ve see:

Im not gonna try that :slight_smile:

I like the UPD after repositioning ur feet. Been there, done that. Also UPD after shifting my butt on the seat. Not sure what I was doing then, but did that slightly too wild. Must have thought I was on a bike or something.

Here’s another: the flat tire dismount. I’m riding on the trail, and things start getting really difficult for no apparent reason. I have the sudden impression that I’ve forgotten how to ride, I’ve reached a point of exhaustion where I can’t control the uni, or that I’m drunk and didn’t realize it. Very strange sensation.

A proper dismount should always be executed by gracefully stepping off the back of your unicycle. If you cannot do it that way, you should not dismount at all.

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Hi Unimyra, wanna see more of your gentleman graceful unicycling. Your youtube channel was very quite for some time. Was it because youtube changed it`s payment rules. This video reminds me at your very first videos. I really enjoyed it.
Best Regards George

Had that one on the road. Couldn’t keep the thing on track at all.

Then there was the exploding tyre dismount when my 36 Nightrider Lite blew off the rim while I was riding it. What a bang.

Thanks. I found an old suit, which immedately made me feel very gentleman like. I’ll probably use it again.

No, I make a video when I get inspiration and time to do it.