Different dismounts

My wife came up with an interesting idea: instead of learning new mounts, why don’t I take the time to learn different dismounts?
So here is my question: are there any „registered“ types of dismounting from a unicycle?
I know of the normal „step off to the rear“, but are there interesting things such as a „leg wrap dismount“ or a „running dismount“? Can’t find any type of reference to different forms of dismounting.

There’s the superman dismount :smiley:

It took me some time to learn how to get off the back of the uni gracefully (I still mess it up though). I’d be interested in a description of this dismount from an experienced rider.

Whilst learning to ride the uni, I did dismount in a surprising number of ways (including the superman). My favourite was the “fence headbutt”. I was nowhere close when I dismounted and it was to my side. Anyway…

Different ways of dismounting from the expended riders out there would be very interesting.

I had one face-plant when I took my freestyle uni outside. The wheel locked as I didn’t see a pavement tile stick out. One of the few times I didn’t land on my feet.

Another time, I got a call during my ride and as I tried to gracefully get off the back, my feet were stuck on the pedal pins and I landed on my butt.

The dumbest dismount I had was when I only just had learned to ride uni and I saw on youtube how peeps rode off flights of stairs. At that time I had 3 steps inside my apartment, the living room being 40 cm lower than the entrance. Stupid as I was I wanted to do it as safe as possible, keeping both hands on the walls left and right, not thinking that as I rolled down, the uni would simply fall away under me and I would crash down on the steps. God that hurt.

I had one superman dismount while riding with my dad, he on a mountain bike. He thought it was quite funny seeing me fly and then lay sprawled in the bushes beside the road.

Mostly I step off the back, but when I’m tired, or mucking around, I step off the front, when I know nobody is behind me. Also noticed with shorter cranks it is a bit more difficult to step off the back, but that is the cleanest way to get off.

The “accidental coast” dismount. (eventually!)

You mean to dismount of the back but your body keeps itself on for a few extra feet… maybe even kicking you off the front instead.

I do this, on occasion, but I haven’t seen one from afar.

I’m not a fan of the superman at dusk, aka, the cracked rib…

I have to remind myself to practice dismounting on my non-dominant side. My tendency, without thinking about it, is to dismount on my dominant side during a controlled dismount.

I suppose there are variations on the typical, controlled dismount off the back of the unicycle. As I’ve improved, I am able to make the dismount happen in slow motion. Also, I can stop into a still-stand, then hop off the back with both feet simultaneously.

Like the reversed suicide mount? That is jumping on with 2 feet simultaneously, right?

Tomorrow I will try dismounting backward with my non-dominant foot. Haven’t thought of trying that yet, but it would be nice to do, since I’m always calculating an extra revolution. I suppose it can be practiced by riding, stopping and riding again with the non-dominant foot. Then stepping off shouldn’t be much different.

Some people here talk about using the brake to do a graceful dismount off the back - I can’t quite manage that. I can dismount off the back brakeless no problem, but if I use the brake, once I’m off the wheel the saddle stops while I carry on, sometimes taking a hit where I don’t want to! :astonished:

My dismounts are just a simple, remove feet from pedals and fall off the back affair. My more ‘emergency’ ones are a frontal dismount with a ‘try and grab the handle between the legs’ job. I don’t know of any other ones than this.

That being said, on my GUni, dismounting in high gear is slightly different to low gear. In low gear, I stop, balance backwards, take one foot off, land it on the ground, and either leave the other foot on the pedal (if it’s just a stop light) or remove it once I’ve stopped. If I’m in high gear, it’s more of a hurried, remove both feet and bail off, and scurry forward a couple of steps because the wheel’s kept going.

With your high gear dismount, does it work to grab the brake as soon as your weight is off the saddle to keep the wheel from getting away from you? I often do that if I’m high-speed-dismounting from my 36er.

Closely related to the “accidental one-footed dismount”. Often followed by a “I gotta remember that these pedals aren’t clipless” moment of clarity.

Generally we don’t have “named” dismounts as a thing. We thought about it back when we were developing the Skill Levels and Standard Skill event. Mounts are harder, because the end result is riding. Dismounts get you to terra firma, usually with assistance from gravity, and wouldn’t seem worthy of enough Standard Skill points to be worth bothering.

You can reverse most types of mount, but some work better than others. Like a reverse Side Mount; relatively easy and it looks like you did something. Harder to do a reverse Kick-Up, since the seat needs a push to get going toward the ground.

Back before the 10 Skill Levels and Standard Skill (there were 4 levels then), my friend and I came up with what we called the Head-On Collision dismount. We did this in a parade, to limited response. You ride toward each other, the faster the better. At the precise moment, the “catcher” dismounts off the front, holding his uni behind him while going down on one knee. Meanwhile, the other rider rides into the catcher’s outstretched hand. He makes a hard stop as the uni frame goes into the catchers hand, while simultaneously jumping off the pedals and over the catcher. And trying not to land on the catcher’s unicycle.

This is a great move to practice if you’re the kind of person that likes to jump off things and not wear any safety gear. You’ll love it!

No, as that seems to cause the aforementioned saddle to the… saddle area issue. Maybe I’m slamming the brake too hard :smiley:

John, I’m struggling to picture the Head-On Collision dismount. Please make a video demonstration for learning purposes and science (And absolutely not for hilarity and entertainment)

I think the saddle you have makes a difference here. It’s less of an issue with a Zero/One than something more curvy, but very occasionally I manage to squish things a little more than intended.

I think the key to a brake assisted dismount is being very comfortable with where the bite point is. The faster you want to stop, the more critical this is.

In terms of dismounts generally, I almost always do a brake assisted dismount off the back, and this only tends to vary due to the speed I’m travelling, or how much of an assisted coast I’m trying to do when getting off.
I tend to use it as practice, so will regularly coast a few meters before putting my feet down.

I also practice the accidental coast dismount. I hope that will help me to:

  1. learn freewheeling (Monday will arrive the brake to start learning process
  2. learn the sudden stop coasting and braking like Corbin’s style.

When not accidentally coasting I usually try a gentleman dismount: a hard backpush to get to a stillstand, lean a bit backward and than apply brake to dismount gracefully. The problem is not the gentle initial brake, is the really hard braking when you are almost landed: the more you approach the ground the more you need to pull the brake lever if you want to get a smooth movement.

Friday night I did a special superman trick: I did my first nightride, I did drink too much beer and I needed to come back home fast: I thought that flying was quickest, but I did fly only a couple of meters

Is this really the forum for such personal matters?

It’s definitely not a forum for personal matters. I just thought it might be of interest to discuss different types of dismounting. I didn’t mean to offend readers by explaining where I got the idea from.

I think you might have missed the joke, so:

Funny OneWheelHenni :smiley:

You missed my dry wit. If my wife invited me to try different “mounts” I would think I was in for a night of sexual experimentation. If she asked me to try different dismounts, I would be surprised but would do my best to oblige. The use of “mount” (and, subsequently “ride”) in this context should require no further clarification.

Thus, posting, “My wife suggested… etc.” could be mischievously misinterpreted as what we sometimes call “over sharing” or “too much information”.

I’ll get my coat.