Different 29" Tyre for Nimbus

Hey there… Just replaced Tyre on Nimbus 29" and the ride felt very different. Eg Less Stable…and thinking possibly quicker too… ( Typical ride is on flat terrain)
Then I realised the new tyre might be different in shape where the tread connects to the road surface … Eg slightly narrower. Just wondering if anyone has had similar experience when changing to a different tyre and whether in time you adapted etc and if so how long it took you to adapt. ? . in particular if you went to a narrower road tyre… ?? Many thanx Jimmy

Actually, yes.

I went from a 2.0" road tire that was bald in the center (therefore flat in cross-section) to a 1.75" which is quite round and feels significantly less heavy. At the same time, I went from airing up purely by feel to trying to dial in the pressure using a gauge.

Near the top of the 40-60psi range that the tire is rated for, it was very difficult to control. It was a struggle to maintain side-to-side balance. I could do it, but I was fighting lean really hard. I did not have the excessively rough ride or bounciness that typically suggest excessive pressure. Dropping the pressure to the bottom of the range helped that immensely. I’m still trying to fine tune this, but I think that for this tire, uni, and rider, it’s going to end up being in the 40-45 psi range. At 40, it starts to feel too loose.

You ask about adapting, and there is a certain amount of that too. I kept riding at high pressures trying to develop my riding skill to cope with the challenge. After all, there are bacon slicers out there. It does come with saddle time. I have seen some improvement. It hasn’t come particularly quickly. I have reduced my air pressure to try to reduce tread wear in the center, not due to difficulty.

I actually miss the weight of the old tire. I had clearly learned to work against its inertia to my advantage. I actually had two tires on there at one point, which is not a typical configuration. The new tire, weighing less, is almost too nimble; especally with the small contact patch that having a round profile and high pressure produces. Handling the reduced wheel weight is also coming along with saddle time.

There is one more factor which may or may not be affecting us. I’ve read that some people experience “squirreliness” with tires that have a center ridge in the tread. Though my tire’s cross section is round, as opposed to having what I would call a ridge to it, the center of my tread is continuous (CST Salvo), and it has never been terribly clear to me whether that is what they’re referring to. I selected it because I have been quickly wearing out tires in the center in and wanted more rubber there to make it last longer. I’m up for the challenge if that’s what’s going on.

Link to instagram of the tire I’m talking about

Pic injection (from Instagram) for backup purpose :wink:

Appreciate the depth

Appreciate depth and granularity shared… Will fidget with the pressure for now… Isn’t it amazing how many unique iand suttle influences and triggers can create noticeable change experiences to the ride… Cheers Jimmy