differences Freeride vs XC

:slight_smile: the xc is cheaper that the freeride but the only difference is the shorter crank arms and the skinnier tyre rite? I was goin to get the freeride but i thought the xc is cheaper so should i get that enstead? Im going to change the tire anyway after the one on ther gets old. the XC is $514 & the freeride is $520. ya see i would get the freeride if it was those prices but around here i think i could get the Xc for much cheaper that both of those prices.So what should i do? Get the Xc or just stick to the freeride? Cuz ther bothe prety much the same.

depend what kinda of riden are you going to be doing. Are you going to do the big drops and harsh terrain or keap it a little more safe and not as risky. Because the xc is perfect for someone who is going to be somewhat ruff and the free ride is perfect for someone like me who doesnt think before they act and just does something.:smiley:

hmm… i would be doing drops, and stupid stuff. and dh riding.:wink:

so yeah freeride would be the best

somewhere on Kris Holm’s site there’s a page with specifications about each of his uni’s, with what type of uni would be best for your style of riding and everything. checkitout.

its not workin when i click your thingy and when i go to krisholm.com it wont work either, his site is down or sumthin

The rim on the XC is slightly thinner too. The combination of the thinner tire and thinner rim make for less rolling weight to lug around.

i personally wouldn’t let a 6 dollar price difference influence my decison, rather, i would think about what kind of riding i’m going to do
for me, i have the freeride in the mail and will be trying bigger and bigger drops
some people would be better suited to a lighter XC, the only reasons i didn’t get an XC (which is plenty strong) is that the cranks are shorter and the rim is slimmer

aaaahhhh… yes yes yes then ill get the freeride but i only got like 230 sumthin dollars, i gues il have to wait awhile. :sunglasses: