difference in dx's

so i just got my torker back from the bike shop. i had to get the frame replaced because the weld holding seatpost to frame was cracking (05 dx), the frame they sent me has about 2 inches more clearance above the tyre and has a little round peice connecting the crown to the seatpost. i was wondering what are the differences in the 05 06 and 07 torkers. are there advantages and disadvantages to each or are they pretty much the same.

i’m gonna have to cut my seatpost again because of that extra clearance above the tyre.

The ring at the bottom of the seat tube is to prevent breaking at that weld, this would be an advantage. The extra clearance… no one knows why they did it and is a disadvantage but a small one. My idea is that someone told them to give the frame more clearance to be able to fit the gaz (referring to the 24" DX) and they increased the clearance on both the trials and the muni frames.

it seems like a lot of clearance. could i fit a 24" wheel on this new 20"? (it would only need another 2" between the hub and the crown, and i may or maynot have that much)

I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t be able to pull it off, I think someone has atleast compared the 24" and trials frames.