difference between kh saddles?

Hi there, I just bought a profile/yuni unicycle (came today, i’m SO excited!) and I noticed that my “Kh” seat isn’t the same as my friends who bought just the seat 2 days ago. Mine is yellow, it has a yellow handle, and yellow bumbers too, with a black top, and grey sides. His is “red” but, the bumpers are black. His seat cover says “kris holm” on the back, but mine doesn’t (says velo on bottom though) his is softer and spongier, and his cover is made out of vinyl whereas mine is made out of leathery stuff… Basically, his looks like the pics on unicycle.com and everywhere else, but mine is different, not that it’s BAD, i’m just curious why there is a discrepancy?

KH (Velo) seats come in many color combos. Add to that the fact the Torker DX seats are also Velo but not “KH” and the confusion never ends.

There are also at least three generations of Velo/KH seats. Rowan has a great description in KH Seats:

Well, based on the fact that there is no date, or anything to indicate it is a Kris Holm seat, maybe i got gipped. I can’t believe I would have bought a new unicycle and gotten an old seat model… that’s not good at all…

I wouldn’t be worried about it unless it breaks prematurely. Maybe ring up Unicycle.com and have a chat if you want to find out the details of why they are different. If it works, don’t fix it!

My description of 2nd and 3rd generation saddles was only due to my experience with two seats, and there have surely been more than two models made so far. If it is the same design and says Velo, then it probably had something to do with Kris Holm, and I think I remember those type of seats mentioned as being sold by Norco (one of Kris’s sponsors). My first KH seat was made of vinyl leathery stuff, and the second one is shiney nylon material (or something). First one was more solid, and second one softer and narrower.

The reason I got two seats was that the original one that came with my unicycle snapped in half, and I purchased a replacement one, even though I had built a carbon fibre airseat. I use the CF seat, and chucked the spare KH seat on my crap unicycle. I got the second seat just so I could test it and compare it while using the rails adapter with angle adjustment. After comparing them, I think the KH seat is good, but the expensive CF airseat seems to suit my preferences better, because it is so rigid and has the reeder handle to fully grip onto.

I guess the only reason I worry is because you say your 2nd generation seat “snapped”… this scares me just a bit… :slight_smile: