Did you ever ride on sport court flooring?

Any tread marks left behind after the ride?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


like the would planking in basketball court gyms?

Ive ridden my frestyle unicycle, trials unicycle, and a coker in gyms

they dont mark,

I rode my trials with a luna all over a dance floor at a wedding. it did not mark.

the Luna does have a relatively hard compound for a trials tire so I don’t know if a softer compound tire would mark.

my try-all sticky didnt do any marks. Nor did my onza sticky fingers

I like sticky tyres ehehe

as long as the tyre is clean it’ll be fine.

I rode my creepy crawler and duro on wood gym floors and rubberised sports hallf loors, they both marked both of them quite heavily.

my cheap ebay uni comes with the most marking rubber i have ever come across, worse than any shoes or bike tyres i have ever had. i think its very soft due to the levels of grip and wear rate etc…

Some tyres mark, others don’t. Trials tyres tend to be the worse, especially when they are new. There are lots of non marking specific tyres available but they are usually pretty slick. White ones tend to be the best as they are more obviously non-marking to any sceptical gym owners.

Thank You for your time!

I appreciate all your feedback!
I will put them all through the test :astonished:


In my experience the more expensive or older the tyre, the less likely it is to mark. Black tyres mark worst, and some similar compound coloured freestyle tyres (e.g green) are reputedly marking as well, although not from what I’ve seen.

Something else to note is that the cheap £2.50 black pedals you get on ebay unicycles, and that UDC sell, are also marking, so in a heavy dismount you may get thin lines where a pedal has slid along the floor.

In our hockey sessions we recommend a non marking tyre, but we always check before the session and know the old tyres don’t mark. Afterwards we run around and rub any marks away with our trainers. With 8 of you doing it it takes no time and the marks are pretty obvious to spot.