Did they forget to put spacers on.

I took my uni to my lbs and they had to put on new bearings, my question is, did they forget to put the spacers back on? here are some pics.

Also, did they put the cranks on the right way

Also, did they put the cranks on the right way, aren’t you supposed to look down while riding and be able to read nimbus on the hub, because if you imagined m left and right foot on the pedals, my hub would read nimbus upside down. :thinking:

I don’t know about the spacer issue, but i’m certain it doesn’t matter which way the cranks are on. You don’t have to be able to read Nimbus when you look down. As long as you put the frame on right, so that the right side of the frame matches the right crank/pedal and then make sure the left side of the frame matches the left crank/pedal.

Test out and just place the frame on the bearings to see if they will fit without rubbing against the crank. If it does rub, take it back to the bikeshop and get them to put the spacer on.

Hope it all works out,


thanks isaac, what happened to the original Isaac?

it looks to me like there are spacers on that hub.

He was eaten by a cheesy username…what ever happened to “a little bit of everything”? Maybe he has an iStreet, iFreestyle, iCoker, iMuni, etc. too? :thinking:

Its kinda hard to tell if you’re missing any spacers from those photos. Try using the macro function (lil’ flower symbol) on your camera for close-up photos like this. Looks like your hub is a KH-Onza, in which case if you cannot see any of the splines on the axle then you’re not missing any spacers. The axle is splined the whole way along, though the splines are not usually visible as they are underneath spacers/bearings/cranks.

its a nimbus isis hub

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The hub position doesn’t matter.

I don’t think there’s a problem with spacers but don’t take my work for it.

…as long as the right crank and pedal are on your right side as you ride.

If it’s not, take the wheel off and spin it 180 deg. in the frame, so it’s going the other way…or just turn the seat around and ride it backwards w/ a straight seat (except for the frame it’d really be forwards).

What I said about not being able to see the splines still applies. There should be spacers between the hub flange and bearing and between the bearing and crank.