Did my first freemount today.

A good way to determine which foot is dominant is to get someone to give you a good shove from behind. The foot you catch yourself with is your dominant foot. :smiley:

that’s strange, i have serious trouble mounting with the left pedal back, but maybe its because im so used to freemounting with the right pedal back. Idono…

Re: Did my first freemount today.

I’ve just managed my first “real” freemount. Had been using the brick
behind the wheel, then bringing it down until it was just a twig.
Finally (after trying on grass first) managed it without assistance.
Feeling really good about it. Guess its not true what they say about
old dogs and new tricks! Had my unicycle nearly three weeks now -
wasn’t sure if I’d manage anything on it!

Well, the static mount is going really good for me, I am now pulling it off most of the time, without holding the seat. When I don’t pull it, it is usually because my side to side balance is off or my foot doesn’t land on the pedal properly. I am hopeful to have it dailed in by thursday, when I do my first parade with other unicyclists. Thanks for the tips you guys, it woulda took a lot longer without it!:slight_smile:

a twig? wow. I didn’t think twigs could keep a wheel in one spot… :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to mount at spots in the pavement that had slight dips. It helps ever so slightly, but just enough in some cases.

Re: Did my first freemount today.

Probably as much in the mind as anything! After this, it was
surprisingly easy when I tried it free.

Re: Did my first freemount today.

I learnt to unicycle at a unicycle convention here in England, and a
freestyling champion was there. She saw me trying to freemount and
taught me a technique for doing it which was that, when you first put
your foot on the rear pedal, put the heel of it on the pedal, and your
toes on the axle of the wheel. So when you put your weight on that foot
to mount the unicycle, most of your weight goes directly onto the axle,
and so the wheel does not roll out from under you.
This technique is great for using, so you don’t have to hold onto
something, or use a dip in the road while you’re learning to totally
freemount without any help.
Hope this was of some help,