did i over pay?

i payed $377 (includes tax) for a new torker DX is that a terrible deal?

I paid $250 shipped for my new 20" DX on ebay, and IIRC the 24" DX is (or was) available on UDC US for $260 or so, plus shipping. Where did you buy it from?

if its a twenty four inch and your not in the usa then no its not, if its a 20 inch and you are in the usa then yes terrible

My friend payed about 400 to get his into Canada

I payed 272 with shipping to Alaska and I thought that was to much

Oh yeh Mine is a 24" DX it came in a few weeks ago

It depends where you bought it from.

Yeah, mine was $410.

It costs that much because there is another 13% fee for importing a “Complete”, which is stupid because it doesn’t come built… but because all the parts needed are in the box… they can charge that.

Yes, for that amount you could have gotten a Nimbus ISIS Trials w/ moments and a better seat or an upgraded Qu-Ax or for $30 more you could have gotten an onza or you could have saved a little more and gotten a koxx.

I’m guessing you live in California

A E Bike was selling KH 24’s for 417 $ not so long ago. They advertise full list price, but will sell below that if you email them and ask for their best price. I paid 371 $ for a 07 KH 20, delivered to my door in Florida, last May. They charged 8$ shipping !:slight_smile:

Except your wrong.

Nimbus ISIS didn’t exist last year, and I don’t live in the US.

Exchange rate has also changed, so it would be significantly cheaper this year.

i got my KH for less than that, but where do you live?

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

i would say you overpaid, but not hugely, how much of that was shipping???

I bought it from Unicycle.com, I can’t remember how much was shipping. It was a Christmas present anyways, so really I didn’t pay anything for it.

You have to remember the exchange rate was a lot different last year in November.