Did I do good?

New to riding the unicycle. Started 8 weeks ago on a 20" club freestyle. Progressed up through the learning process of riding and free mounting and got good enough to the point of wanting to hop and drop down curbs which the club was not rated for. I tried some small hops and swear I could feel hub shaft starting to twist.

Decided I needed something beefier and stalked craigslist for a week and found this. An old Summit trials for $70. Is a little beat up, left pedal bearings and crank were loose but after tightening up it’s all good. Saddle bumpers are missing so cover is tore up on front and rear but plan on replacing saddle anyway.

Was this an OK price?

Trying to post a pic…

If you do a google search on summit trials unicycle and look at the entries from this site you will see that it was a very well respected unicycle in its day. Really solid, kind of heavy, but tough as nails.

If your goal was to get something you could abuse without worrying about it snapping in half, while also not breaking the bank, you did good.

Yeah I did search here about it right after I picked it up. Main issues people talk about is the crank nubs and weight.

Had it out for a couple hours today and so far I’ve enjoyed the weight and wider wheel, definitely more stable than the club when going over rougher terrain. Still havent tried any hopping yet.

I haven’t noticed any issue with the crank nubs hitting my ankles yet. I think I’ve adopted a wider pedal stance though, have size 13 feet and tend to have them further out on pedals to avoid clipping toe or heel on cranks.

Brings up another question. Whats best way to remove these cranks after denubbing once the internal threads are gone? Obviously a crank puller cant be used, bearing splitter and hammer?

I would go more for a bearing puller and a coin. You use the coin to protect the inner thread in the axle and use the bearing puller to drag the cranks out from the back. Hammer vs cranks is always a risky proposition as it could completely wreck them.

No, you didn’t do good. You did well.

The correct answer to his question is “Yeah, you done good.”

He ought to find some bumper caps for that seat, though I don’t know where. They shouldn’t cost more than a couple of bucks, unless they have been discontinued or something.

Some people don’t like Viscount seats, but my first uni was a Savage, and when I upgraded the seat to a Viscount, I found it incredibly comfortable. I was suddenly able to ride for miles at a time, and my thighs didn’t even bleed! The lack of a large handle on the Viscount is not good for hopping, but there are certain freestyle tricks for which it’s a lot better.

Damn, Harper! You and my wife, jeez! :wink: I think I got her to say, “It’s goin’ good,” once. I prefer to affect a colloquial speech pattern. It’s like speaking a different dialect (and I get beat up less often). Plus, it’s fun to have multiple ways to express myself. Some things just sound better in Texan, y’all!

My friend has one of these, and it’s a real tank. (And I mean that in a good way.) “Takes a beating and keeps on ticking!” The only negatives are the weight and age of components (can’t really change out or upgrade them any more). But for the price, it’s great! Good job!

So far I am really liking this uni. Granted I have little experience and not much to compare it to. My comfort level on this one is much more than my club.

Transitions between street and sidewalk are no longer a worry for me. I no longer steer around small potholes. Have gained ability to drop down curbs with confidence. Found a little dirt bike trail near my house that I cannot stop riding. And have been messing around doing some hopping but nothing fancy.

As far as the saddle bumpers go no luck yet finding any in stock here in U.S. Every set I find online is somewhere overseas. For the price of a whole saddle on ebay I can replace it with with something better. Will just keep an eye out for a deal on a different saddle.

I still haven’t had any crank nub issues yet. If I find them to be a problem I guess I’ll just track down different crank bolts and mill them off.

Have been doing a bit of work on this uni over the past week. I decided to take the nubs off the cranks. While I still haven’t had any issues hitting my ankles on them my son has. Also once in a great while I would catch the nub lightly with my toe on mounting and it would trip me up.

Milled the nubs off on lunch break at work and also took a light skim pass on the pedal mount area to square it up. Found the bolts at the local bike shop.

Have been replacing parts also. The ratty viscount saddle had to go, was not the most comfortable and without bumpers it wasn’t very fun grabbing that beat up metal base. Figured while I was replacing that why not go with a lighter weight post also. :slight_smile: Went with a KH saddle and impact all in one post.

Next up was the tire. Looked like a previous owner never rotated it so it was almost bald in the area they were always hopping on. Swapped the luna with a maxxis CC. JensonUSA had the best price at $26.

While replacing tire I noticed left bearing felt “clicky” so I ordered a pair from vxb for under 6 bucks. Went with the rubber sealed instead of the metal shielded it had originally.

Swapped the pedals from the KH24, the clear pedal with shiny stud strip is easy to see in low light and actually prefer the old heavier wellgo K79s better on the 24.

I weighed the uni on bathroom scale before I did anything to it and it was 15 lbs even. Afterwards it’s a hair under 12 lbs which puts it in ballpark of some of the heavier modern trials unis. It rides much better with an even tire and new bearings. Best thing is that it no longer sounds like a bag of hammers when it hits the ground!