Did Everybody See MY 15 Stair Grind?

Did Everybody See MY 15 Stair Grind?

I’m so afraid to try stairs. I used to be able to do them but once I fell and got pretty messed up. Not fun.

Yes, But why did you need to make another thread?


Yeah, you could have at least just bumped the original. You didn’t even link to the video in this one so I’m sure quite a few people probably no idea what you are talking about.

yeah, and quit bragging about it. i understand that you’re stoked, but its not like a world record.

I wonder what is then?? :thinking: :smiley:

no i didn’t

Mike’s 16 set.

that is a freaking LONG rail though.
I wonder if I could jump that whole set.

shouldn’t this be in JC?

fine then, i’ll go jump a 15 set
just to prove I can.

Sorry skrobo, I was saying that I have not seen the grind but I have seen your vid and judging by some of the jumps in it I think that you could probably clear a 15.:slight_smile:

I would be scared to bust an ankle attempting something like that though

I looked down one not too long ago and told myself I could, but yeah. the landing was like 6 feet across, not good to fall in. Big sets are so scary to roll up to.

Big deal. It’s his 3rd post. Let him tell people about it all he wants. It’s not every day someone grinds that many stairs.

who’s mike, spence. is there a video of him doing the grind? any link?

Sometimes you have to get rid of the fear inside you and go for it without thinking of the consequences. :smiley:

Yeah I saw it but I think you should get better footage of it if you do it again. Maybe film from the bottom of the set…

Oh sorry, I was talking about Mike Clark’s 16 in defect.

But wouldn’t that make the quality even worse?? :thinking: