Did anyone remember to wake up Green Day?

Just checking.

Abuhh? :\


1st of October. September ended.


And no, I don’t believe I have… yet.

Oh… How silly of me.


Very funny.


Someone should probably do that here in the next couple days.


Do you think there songs will improve and go back the the old stuff now that they are no longer composing and recording in their sleep?

i went down stairs yesturday and woke them.

Let’s hope not.

When I was in kindergarden I couldn’t fall asleep unless Dookie was playing on my bedside table.

Never woken up to them though.

Do you know what Dookie means? Someone probably woke them up last year…

or, just dont wake them up, and hopefully we wont have to listen to the music anymore

I was very amused. My daughter was not.

I don’t believe they did any bellringing when Spring began earlier in the year, so to be honest I don’t know if they deserve being woken up if they can’t manage their end of the deal…


Am I the only one completly lost here?

no. I’m lost to.

Are you just paranoid?
I’m just stoned.

None of this thread makes any sense.

I don’t think the whole band wanted to be woken up, just Billy.

this thread makes perfect sense, but you kinda have to have heard the song, but count yourself lucky you havent, its not that great

I was lost until I remembered the bad (terribly sh1tty) song that they did, called something like “september ends”. It was a very emo-type song about crying and sleeping because nobody loves them anymore.