did anyone find a dealer of 13 ga. nipples for the KH?

i have been looking for a few hours straight online and i can’t seem to find anything.

did anyone ever find a dealer?

i tried contacting DT spokes, but they didn’t answer either phone.

i also called phil wood and they don’t have them.

why 13 ga. try kh

that is whats on the unicycles
i’m about to email Kh.
i called unicycle.com and they said they only send the spokes AND nipples together… that would be $20 just because 5 nipples are cracked
i am emailing DT swiss

what is the other major spoke manufacturer called?


no thats not it
that company makes them, too bad they are in JAPAN!

wheel smith

AE Bike has 7 pages of spokes

Though maybe not the ones you want. Actually, with 5 broke nipples, I would want to replace them all anyway. It’s enough work to change tires and lace a wheel that I wouldn’t want to do it again when the next old nipple breaks. Metal fatigue is a real problem, that the rest of your 30 nipples likely have, and some will break soon.

You don’t have to relace the wheel to replace a few nipples…just take the tire, tube and rim strip off.

$4 a spoke?? How did you get that figure? They’re listed as 55 cents each on UDC…

i want to replace them all … many of them are messed up, and I don’t want to deal with that crap. i want to replace them all. it would give me an excuse to perfect my true-job and get an eagle claw tire as well.

If you’re going to relace a new wheel, wouldn’t you want to replace all of the spokes too? Going through all of the work, you might as well have all new parts.

there is no point in doing that. i am using the same rim, but relacing it would true it nicely. I JUST WANT 13 Ga. nipples!

Silly idea, but have you tried going to a bike shop? Buying small quantities of little things like that isn’t that well suited to online shopping. I normally turn up with either the spoke or a matching nipple and say ‘5 of these please’ (or similar) and it gets sorted in about 30 seconds. If you know it’s 13G that should be even easier.

Spoke manufacturers won’t generally deal with individual customers - they have distributors for that. If you wanted 1000 maybe it would be different.

wheelsmith make em, i got 50 of em for me wheel when i laced me new rim on (already had spokes but had replaced heaps of nipples so i had a wheel worth of spokes but not enough nipples)

but just today i broke a nipple off which has pissed me off as everytime i go rideing i either break or bend something.

my new rim is already looking average, even with me haveing me spoke key with me on me rides and constantly trueing etc.

fucking drilled rim shit, and then there is the broken nipple…

but yer try wheelsmith

go to your bikeshop and ask for 13 ga. nipples
you won’t find them. I am not stupid. that is the first place I went.

I know for a fact that Darren Bedford has them. He told me that I wouldn’t need them if I maintained the KH20 correctly, but he offered to put some in my package if I felt I needed them.