did a few miles...

I did a few miles more I expected to today, just as well I had a coker or I’d
have missed tea and doughnuts compleately.

Having not got up early enough to meet the Conservation group at the local pick
up point I decided to cycle out to the work site and meet them there. Looking at
the map I chose to take a train one stop and miss 4 miles of dull riding
alongside a duel carriage way. Out of Mortimer station, hang a right and I’m
soon bowling along tree lined country lanes, the sun is starting to burn through
the mist and all is well with the world, I’ve directions in my pocket and a map
in my back pack. Six miles later I’ve discovered that the directions are WRONG ,
I’m not lost , I know exactly where I am and I know that the farm I’m looking
for isn’t where I’ve been told it is.

By this time I’m on the A33 with lorries thundering past and I’m walking, it was
only meant to be " a couple of hundred yards" along the A33. Half a mile later I
leave the main road and cycle on to Wellington Country Park figureing the staff
might know where Turgis Court Farm really is. Turns out I’ve already been with
in a mile of it some time earlier in my ride, so I set off to retrace my route
along back roads avoiding the A33 as long os possible. Eventully finding the
farm, the final short ride along the farm lane is idylic, sun shining, wheel
rolling, birds singing, beautiful.

So I arrive and give Andy some gyp for the directions, I intended to cycle 6
miles, ended up doing 14. One much needed cup of tea and a doughnut later I help
put the finishing touches to a fenceing job that the others did with out me, and
then its time to go home, job done.

I scrounged a lift most of the way home, thought I’d earnt it.