Dictionary enters unicycling terminology

The publisher of the dutch dictionary “van Dale” launched a new product today: the cyclesports dictionary, a dictionary that contains all the terms to do with cycling: from mountainbiking to doping, trackcycling, trial biking, and… unicycling! The author contacted me via eenwiel.nl and wanted to round up 20 unicycling terms to add to the book, after our first correspondence we both got enthusiastic and started to expand that selection, which now contains about 50 different unicycling terms. These terms include the 6 disciplines: muni, trial, freestyle, flatland, street and distance unicycling AND its subdisciplines like uphill, downhill and crosscountry. It also includes various tricks like crankflips, backflips and unispins. Little text boxes at the side of the pages explain things like the virtual wheelsize of a unicycle, or the difference between a backflip (backwards crankflip) and a frontflip. It even mentions who landed the first crankflip and the first frontflip. It’s a wonderful book and I would really like to thank the author for making this dictionary a platform to promote unicycling as a serious sport. Besides that, it’s nice to have your name on the “thanks to” page! As far as I know the Netherlands are the first country to get such a specific mention of unicycling in a dictionary.

Finally we get some recognition as a sport:)

Hehey, that is really cool!

I’m curious what the definitions are. :slight_smile:

Finally? We have before.

That is cool.